Why the ISIS story doesn’t add up!

There are so many questions about ISIS that make you scratch your head. It’s like a bad, low-budget Hollywood movie. A ragtag bunch of unprofessional, ill-trained rebels take over land that’s larger than the U.K. And that too in a couple of months, with virtually no opposition. Well, here is an article that asks more questions that the mainstream media and the politicians don’t want the public to think about…

ISIS: Unanswered Questions 

(Actual link: http://www.nationofchange.org/isis-unanswered-questions-1410878178 )


  1. Interesting points. I’ve often asked myself the question of why we’ve only seen videos of single-column vehicles like cars and trucks. Where are all their tanks we hear so much about? Why do the bombing videos show only hits on single vehicles? Why aren’t we bombing their ammo depots and command centers? Where are those videos? They seem to be an invisible army running roughshod on an entire country. Strange…


    1. Yeah, and why would they make these dramatic videos to goad America into a war? They are supposedly taking over Iraq like it’s a child’s playground, so wouldn’t they be focused on just winning? Instead, it’s like they are trying so hard to convince the American public to approve a war…


  2. I have a theory that they could indeed be backed by rightwing war profiteers. The U.S. has a very bad habit of supporting despicable leaders/groups in the Muslim world: See the Shah of Iran; Saddam Hussein; the Taliban. They start out partnering with our military and/or our intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, and then they transform into American Enemy Number One.


    1. You may be right. Create a problem and then come up with a (profitable) solution. And if we destroy Iraq and Syria in this process, well then Halliburton and Bechtel can make billions of dollars rebuilding those countries!


      1. And the American taxpayers can finance the reconstruction against our wills, instead of having extra tax dollars spent toward education, health, building infrastructure, supporting domestic creativity and innovation … grrrrr…..


      2. Right? It’s a shame that most people don’t give a damn about politics. They can analyze sports or reality shows for hours, but are clueless about what’s happening to the country. “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves”


  3. ISIS is “is”. The illegal entity occupying Jerusalem has stolen the Syrian Highlands. It has bombed Syria (and Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and so on). It covered NYC in asbestos dust and succeeded in blaming “Muslims”. It’s dirty. But is ISIS “is”? Of course it is!


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