Forget Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump – Here’s How to Solve America’s Problems

America is thirsty for change and is looking for the right person to tackle its enormous problems. Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas, but let’s face it, if those ideas are so easy to implement, why doesn’t Obama do them in the next few months? Yeah, the Republicans. Well, the overall composition of Congress is not going to change much at all after the election. So, really, the only way to reboot America is to have a smart, benevolent dictator. So I ask for your vote to make me that Supreme Leader. This is my plan, a lot of which will be efficiently accomplished in the first week.

Day 1: Pay Off the National Debt

Day 2: Simplify Taxes and Reduce Inequality

Day 3: Ban GMOs, Change Our Food System

Day 4: Whip Big Pharma Into Shape, Fund Holistic Medicine

Day 5: Break Up Many Large Corporations

Day 6: FED, Big Banks, and Wall Street

See the article for details … (“If I Were The American Dictator”)

-Chris Kanthan


  1. Well, you’re on the right road…at least somewhat. Tell me what you’re doing with Social Security, Immigration, Terrorism, and Foreign Policy…THEN I might send you a donation!!!


    1. Less intervention in foreign policy — dismantle the Empire; a lot of the terrorism is created by the Deep State with their friends in Saudi Arabia. So by not adding fuel to the fire, we can reduce the threat. Also need to re-liberalize the Muslim world which was more secular 50 years ago. As for immigration – control, reduce, filter.


      1. How can we have less intervention in foreign policy than we currently have? To do that, we’d have to redraw world maps to end at the Atlantic and Pacific shore!


      2. Our foreign policy is based on the goals of bankers and globalists who want to rule the world. But like all Empires, this fantasy of global hegemony is futile. We have to learn to live in a multi-polar world. 1) Make friends with Russia and China 2) Convert our military bases into UN bases, with funding and soldiers from many countries


      3. OK…well, I think I’m going to have to disagree with your premises on this one. First, making friend with our enemies (and they ARE our enemies) while something that was taught in grade school rarely works out in the real world unless THEY are also interested in being friends and changing. Neither are at this point. Second, I wouldn’t consider for a second bringing the UN into anything that is the US! That is the most liberal, most backward, most screwed up political organization in the world. How they find their way to work in the morning is beyond me. The US would do itself a favor to let the UN know New York and the rest of the country no longer wants them on our soil. Let them go to Russia or China…and be done with them!


      4. Well, yeah, UN is messed up, I agree.

        As for Russia, you know, it’s all about their natural resources and geostrategic importance. The Rothschild bankers have been trying to take over Russia for 200 years. Napoleon, Hitler were all financed by the same bankers. Lenin and Trotsky spent time in London and New York, fundraising. Communism was a tool to bring down the Tsars.


      5. I’m just believing that some 200 years worth of a family or the Masons or some other “group” of world power brokers is actually running things. I know the theories are out there, but frankly, I just can’t seem to put my finger on any of it. Hell, we are having a hard time choosing political candidates. How in hell could any one family run the world for 200 years?

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      6. Certainly I don’t have the answers, but I view it as an organization. Sort of like the Vatican where different unrelated Popes come and go, but the institution survives. Here is a really good article on “One Bank” that just came out today. Check it out. Talks about trillionaires, Rothschild and a good logic behind why bankers end up being the richest

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