No, Trump is Not a Racist or a Bigot!

From tabloid magazines to The New York Times to the hundreds of semi-respectable Facebook pages, thousands of articles have appeared over the last couple of months about Trump being a racist or a bigot. Other accusations are he is a fascist and the new Hitler; he incites violence; and he is a misogynist – someone who hates women. Minorities, Democrats and even many moderate whites all over America are scared out of their wits. What’s happening? What’s the truth?

Trump has been a public figure since the 1980s when he made his billions, wrote books, built Trump Tower, Trump Airlines, Trump Yachts, and what not. In those 30 years, people have called him an attention seeker, a great businessman, an entertainer, or simply a man with a big ego, but nobody called him a racist or a bigot … until he ran for president. And the fever-pitch accusations, even in the mainstream media, started in January when he started winning the Republican primaries. So that should give us a pause. But let’s examine it a bit more closely.

Before we start, let’s take a moment to understand that Trump was an entertainer and he brought in some of those theatrical qualities. If you like amicable puppet politicians who read from the teleprompter politically correct things penned by professional speechwriters and pollsters … then you will definitely be shocked by Trump and will certainly misjudge him.

WWE Presents Wrestlemania 23


When he announced his presidency last year in June, he said four things that really riled up a lot of people and started this whole “racist” accusation. He said 1) he would deport all the illegal immigrants, 2) there were many criminals and rapists coming in as illegal immigrants, and 3) he would build a wall along the US-Mexico border, and 4) he would ban temporarily Muslims from the Middle East coming into America.

Trump versus Latinos

Of course, in the politically correct world, nuances are not allowed! You see, “Political Correctness” is a bullying tactic to silence people. So when Trump says ‘we should the build a wall or deport illegal immigrants’ … the media ignores the fact that we ALREADY have a wall and we ALREADY deport illegal immigrants. Instead, the media twists the words into different themes one stage at a time…
1) Trump hates illegal immigrants …
2) Trump hates all immigrants
3) Trump hates all Mexicans
4) Trump hates all non-whites

Yeah, we already have a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Not all the way, but for about half the border. Here are some pictures…

us-mexico wall combined

Notice that the wall is not very big. So, yeah, millions of illegal immigrants do come over the border easily. Right now there are about 11-20 million illegal immigrants and their “anchor babies.”

As for deportation, even Obama deports illegal immigrants – in fact, close to 2.5 illegal immigrants have been deported by Obama. See chart below …


As you can also see, more than 1 million illegal immigrants have been convicted for crimes – other than the crime of illegally being in the U.S.  – over the past 15 years. Mexico has a serious problem with drugs and violence. Mexico is also the #1 gateway for heroine, cocaine, meth and other dangerous drugs pouring into the U.S.

So, you see, the problem with Trump is not that he is proposing something that is radically new or shocking. He just wants to do a good job, not a sloppy, half-hearted job of protecting the border and curbing drugs/violence.

BTW, the Mexican government is actively involved in illegal immigration and even has official documentations that give instructions on how to sneak into the U.S.!

As for Trump’s proposal of temporary ban on Muslim immigration from war-torn areas, one just has to look at the mayhem that has been created in Europe because of unrestrained, random open borders for any and all Muslims. You can read my article Rapefugees v. Refugees – A Rational Discussion for a detailed analysis on this matter. What Trump proposes is to create a safe zone for the refugees – close to their country – where they can live until the war ends and then return to their native country. This is a reasonable, logical solution.

Trump versus African Americans

As for the new problem with African Americans, it is a Machiavellian accomplishment of George Soros.

Donald Trump has always had a great relationship with African Americans. His involvement in the entertainment business obviously means he worked with a lot of blacks. He was also friends with prominent black political figures such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And not to mention Oprah who has had Donald Trump on her show numerous times over a period of twenty years and even encouraged Trump to run for the presidency.

Blacks with Trump 5

With Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and James Brown

Trump has had a lot of endorsement from many prominent blacks, including Ben Carson the black Presidential candidate and many black pastors around the country.  For example, watch this video of a black pastor give a thundering endorsement of Trump at a rally speech a few weeks ago. Also, Trump’s powerful spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN  and she has been there since day 1 of Trump’s campaign.

George Soros and others failed to portray Trump as a racist based on his stance on illegal immigration and temporary ban on Muslim immigration. So Soros had to figure out a way to turn blacks against Trump, and the solution was Black Lives Matter – an organization that has received over $30 million from Soros and friends. Soros is also giving millions to Latino groups to stir them up against Trump.

Starting in January of 2016, black protesters were sent to Trump’s rallies to cause trouble. They would constantly interrupt Trump’s speeches – sometimes every 5 minutes of Trump’s speeches. They would also scream, curse and start fights with the people around them. These “protesters” also have friends nearby filming the whole incident.

This is a bit like guerilla warfare. A few protesters can effectively disrupt an event with thousands of people! But the real genius is in the edited videos that are made to go viral. In the video, you just see a whole bunch of white people screaming at a lonely black person. And the media screams in sensationalism “Trump protesters attack a black woman.” The videos never show what the protesters did before the crowd got mad.

Similarly, at a rally in Alabama, a bunch of black hecklers disrupted Trump’s speech to a stadium filled with 35,000 people. One guy was giving the middle finger to the crowd and screaming obscenities. As he was leaving, a man in the crowd sucker punched him. Again, it was turned into a racial issue with headlines screaming “white Trump supporter punches peaceful black protester.” The viral videos only show few seconds of the incident, without the whole context.

Thanks to four or five such videos and the constant race baiting by the media, many in the country are totally convinced that Trump is a racist.

Protesters in Trump Rallies

What is not discussed in the media is the simple fact that it’s the left wing protesters/hecklers who cause the problems at Trump’s rallies. Without the left-wing protesters, there wouldn’t be any violence. Also, you never see Republicans going to Democrat’s events and disrupt them. It’s quite Orwellian to start a fight and then blame the other party for violence.

People couch this in the form of “First Amendment” right to protest, but Trump pays for these venues. Rallies are private events. No one has the “right” to disrupt these events.

People who demand the “right to protest” should not kill someone else’s “right to assemble.”

People should protest outside the venue. They don’t have the right to disrupt a candidate’s speech to his audience. That is violating 1) the candidates right to free speech, and 2) the audience’s right to assemble — both being components of the First Amendment. If we allow this, there will be mob rule all over the country. Republicans will be shutting down Democratic events and vice versa. The U.S. Supreme Court has actually differentiated between heckling and protesting, the former being unacceptable.

Trump’s team has also been inept at handling these situations. They should be calling out George Soros on these so-called protesters. Trump should challenge Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to denounce these hecklers and violent protesters. Also, there needs to be more security and police mingled with the crowd to quickly and safely escort the protesters out.

Minority Support For Trump

pro Trump minorities

In spite of all the smear campaigns, Trump still has a good support from Latinos, blacks and other minorities. For example, close to 30% of Latinos support Trump, half of whom will definitely vote for Trump. Trump also has a lot of support from blacks such as the sisters Diamond and Silk who are quite funny and have a large following in the social media. Recently, a black cop went to Trump’s rally in Arizona on March 19th and came out as a Trump supporter. More black, similar to that cop, are going to figure out the truth in the coming months. As for Muslims,  Trump even won the majority of Arab Republicans in the most Arab city in America!

Finally …

Trump is not a politician and is running a campaign with a tiny budget. While the rest of the opponents and the Republican Establishment has spent over a billion dollars, Trump has spent only about $25 million of his own money. He doesn’t have savvy pollsters, pundits, speechwriters and media gurus. He speaks off the cuff, without teleprompters. This makes him genuine but also prone to attacks from the media which twist his words, take them out of context and demonize him.

Trump is the true anti-Establishment candidate. All the puppets of the media, banksters, Wall Street shysters, Neocons and the oligarchs (Koch brothers, George  Soros, Sheldon Adelson etc.) will reject Trump until he secures the nomination and the presidency.

Trump is the only candidate in modern history where both the Republican and Democratic party establishment and elites are attacking. The Republican Super PACs have spent tens of millions of dollars attacking Trump. Now the Republican party establishment is openly talking about stealing the nomination from him during the convention. It’s insane. As for the media, literally thousands and thousands of articles have been written to demonize Trump. All this just show that Trump is rattling the oligarchy and crony capitalism that is ruling America.

So far (as of April 27), a record 10 million people have voted for Trump even though the Republican contest started out with 17 candidates. The astonishing fact is that Trump has garnered 1 million more votes than Bernie Sanders! Many Democrats and independents are switching their party affiliation to vote for Trump (for example, see this article about 46,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania).

All said, the intense attacks on Trump will continue unabated. And his popularity will keep rising. And in all likelihood, Trump will be the Republican nominee and possibly the next president. 2016 is the year of people versus the powerful and only time will tell how this story ends …

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      1. I guess people nowadays pretend everything trump says is harsh and offensive. You know what’s funny? American people idolize people who are harsh and offensive. Take all the new age lyrics of popular hip-hop artists people follow and you’ll find the same words. It fucking amazes me how little some people know and turn everything into “where’s your research?” Are pretty much the same people who blindly follow Media and word of mouth. What’s even more hilarious is that I notice that people only talk about the presidency and debates every 3 years or so and go back to their little lifestyles like a pack of brain dead copy-catters. Use.Your.Brain.Think.Not.React.

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  1. Truth is refreshing & common sense… Why does Trump get attacked from both Left & so called Right well it’s simple because he is not pc ( which comes from Communism ) he tells the truth & upsetting the apple chart is not allowed… Truth is racist & lies are good according to the talking heads … Say no to illegal 14th Amendment slavery that says we are no longer “sovereigns” but “citizens”… Go look into it & tell others too…

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