The Scam of Clinton Foundation Explained

The Clinton Foundation is unlike most charities. On the surface, it sounds great – helps people in third-world countries who have AIDS, spends 95% of its money on charity “programs” etc. However, the truth is that it is a slush fund to accumulate enormous power and wealth for the Clintons. In a Wikileaks email, Doug Band – founder of Clinton Global Initiative and a long time confidant/aide of Bill Clinton – called the entire operation Clinton Inc.”

Take a normal charity. It raises money from donors and gives money or products to the needy. A simple diagram below illustrates a normal charity:


The Clinton Foundation, however, is a little more complex! It raises money and then uses the money to reward powerful people who then use OPM – Other People’s Money – to help the poor, which in fact also ends up as something beneficial for the rich.

To illustrate this, imagine a charity in a big city. It raises, say, $1 million. Here are the five steps that the charity would take to “help the homeless”:

  1. Appoint a well-connected person as an employee of the charity – typically as a member of the Board of Directors. Say, this person is the wife of the mayor. She gets a nice salary of $500,000 a year for which she works maybe five hours a week.
  2. She then lobbies the city to spend $1 million on the homeless! She convinces them to buy tents for the homeless.
  3. The charity and the mayor’s wife pick a retail store that will deliver the tents. The store can jack up the price, since it’s crony capitalism. $1 million goes from the city budget to the store.
  4. The store supplies the tents and also gives some money to the charity. Think of it as a commission for the charity.
  5. Finally, the charity spends $500,000 on an extravagant “conference” and a private jet for some selected politicians of the city and the top executives of the retail store.

So, in the annual report, the charity claims that it spent $1 million to help the homeless. Do you get it now? Here is a chart to summarize this (I skipped the conference and private jet to make the diagram simpler):

Clinton Fdn 1

Clinton Fdn 2

The complex and clever scheme is clearly illustrated in the Foundation’s financial report where tens of millions of dollars are spent on salaries, benefits, travel and conferences. Only 5% of the total money goes to direct grants.


So, in 2014, Clinton Foundation spent $91 MILLION on “functional expenses.” This is the money that was used to network and cultivate loyalty among the people in power – politicians, bureaucrats, corporations, media, foreign government leaders and so on. It’s a clever slush fund operation that has made the Clintons extremely wealthy and powerful.

Finally, Bill and Hillary Clinton always talk about the great work that Clinton Foundation does in helping people with AIDS. By now, you know that the $100 million or so “spent” annually doesn’t actually come from the Clinton Foundation. The money primarily comes from a special tax on airline passengers! Look at the second diagram in this article one more time and replace the mayor’s wife with UN officials; replace the City Hall with Airline CEOs; replace the retail store with giant pharmaceutical companies, and you get the picture!

Similar techniques are used by the Clinton Foundation to push GMO onto poor countries under the ploy of helping farmers. Going back to the diagram, replace the retail store with Monsanto and the City Hall with UN or World Bank, you can see how this works.

The Clinton Foundation worked at a global level and raised more than $70 billion (including Clinton Global Initiative). Just imagine how many people one could literally buy with that kind of money. If you have an hour or so, take the time to watch Clinton Cash, an amazing documentary on the Foundation.


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Author: Chris Kanthan

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