Did the World Health Organization (WHO) drop the ball on coronavirus?

Trump’s latest distraction tactic is to blame the World Health Organization (WHO) and China for why the US is experiencing a terrible outbreak of the coronavirus. In my blog post back in February, I pointed out how crazy the CDC guidelines were for coronavirus testing. Also, the CDC sent out faulty kits to all the states, meaning that the US virtually had no testing until the beginning of March. Of course, the virus spread rampantly.

Let’s also not forget that the WHO’s leadership team  is full of Americans and Europeans, even though the head is an Ethiopian. The WHO also consults very closely with America’s CDC and prominent US scientists. People like Bill Gates have extraordinary influence within the WHO. In fact, the WHO-China mission was lead by an Canadian named Dr. Bruce Aylward. So, it’s a ridiculous conspiracy theory that WHO would or could withhold any information from the US.

The cartoon below summarizes the situation:

WHO - Trump

But, to be objective, let’s take a very quick look at the timeline of WHO’s actions and see if they botched the response.

Here are the some major steps that the WHO took to gather and disseminate information about the novel coronavirus:

Dec 31: Received warnings about the new pneumonia in Wuhan, China and started the investigation. (link)


Jan 4: Warned the world about the new pneumonia in Wuhan and even tweeted about it. (link)

WHO Tweet on Jan 4

Jan 14: WHO warns hospitals around the world about the novel coronavirus and says there is limited human-human transmission (link)


Jan 19/20: WHO confirms sustained human-human transmission (link)


Jan 20-21: An international team from WHO visits Wuhan for direct investigation

WHO visit Wuhan Jan 20-21

Jan 30: WHO declares global health emergency (link)

March 11: WHO declares global pandemic (link)

Looking back, could the WHO have accelerated the process by a couple of days? Absolutely. But hindsight is always 20-20. Furthermore, we should realize how these actions are also influenced by politics and economics. You can bet that global corporations put a lot of pressure on the WHO to be extremely cautious and conservative before declaring global health emergency or pandemic.

As for the US, many people hate the “globalist” UN; and it’s now the same people who are pretending that if only the WHO had given strong warnings a few days earlier, they would have changed their behavior, the outbreak would have been stopped, and everything would have been amazing. Nice attempt in blame game.

Fact is that Trump would have still called COVID-19 the “flu,” and people would still be ignoring social distancing and masks, like this Florida beach on April 16 and Central Park in New York on April 19:

Florida Apr 16

Central-Park-filled-with-people-who-dont-follow-the-social April 19

Oh, here are people in California, protesting the lock down on April 20 (by then 42,000 Americans had died from the coronavirus)



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