G7: Joe Biden’s Tour of “Democracy Jihadism”

Joe Biden wrote an op-ed in Washington Post about his Europe/G7 trip. The op-ed had 12 paragraphs and 16 mentions of the words “democracies” or “democratic.” This is the new religion of America, which cannot offer prosperity or economic freedom to its own people, let alone to others. The subliminal message about the word “democracy” is that it is the opposite of China and Russia, which were mentioned 7 times. In a nutshell, the core message is warmongering — how to contain the two nuclear-powered geopolitical rivals. These are very dangerous times.

In my new book on China, I use the phrase “democracy jihadism” to describe America’s perpetual aggression and endless wars that are are justified by a fake obsession with democracy. Democracy jihadism has no tolerance of other systems.

The disconnect between America’s self-appointed role as Democracy-monger and the world’s perception of American democracy is stunning. Even among the pro-USA allies, only 17% of the people say that America’s democracy is a good example for others! The list of the countries include US-worshiping vassals such as Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and South Korea! (Pew Research Poll 2021)

Even more shockingly, 44% of people in the world say that the U.S. is a threat to democracy in their nation! And the U.S. fared worse than China or Russia. That broke the irony meter!

However, democracy jihadists don’t care about what people think — oh, the irony. Just like how Islamic jihadists show one finger for one God, the Western military-corporate-banking complex warns the world that there is only ONE system. Both the normal jihadist and democracy jihadist demand total submission. One jihadist destroys churches and Shiite mosques; and the democracy jihadist destroys entire economies through sanctions. One jihadist chops off heads, while the other is more sophisticated — uses coups, color revolutions, propaganda, missiles, and drones.

The funny-tragic thing is that the U.S. is not even democratic. Researchers at Princeton University studied how 1700+ policy issues fared in the U.S. Congress between 1981 and 2002. And they found that the rich and powerful got what they wanted; and the average citizen basically got nothing! In technical terms, this is what they concluded: “Economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” The paper is titled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.”

The USA is an oligarchy, fooling the masses into believing that they have a democracy. And the reason that elections don’t matter is because the political system has “vetocracy” — a term coined by Francis Fukuyama. What this means is that the corporate interest groups may not always get what they want, but they can always block what they don’t want. This is rule by veto. We can already see this in Biden’s term — his tax raise on corporations got blocked, his $2.5 trillion infrastructure bill has gotten cut by 60% even before reaching the debate, the student loan forgiveness is kaput, and so on.

It shouldn’t be surprising. Candidates who spend more are almost always likely to win. And who funds them? The oligarchs and corporations. While the elites openly fund both parties, Americans are fooled into thinking that Republicans and Democrats represent two different parties. No, they represent one party — party of $$$$$$.

Around the world, “democracies” mean countries who are plugged into the same system as the U.S. and Europe. All the media in those countries parrot the same talking points. Go to Brazil, Singapore, Germany, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia … they are all under the same system. Facebook, Twitter, CNN (localized versions), what’s being taught and discussed about foreign policies, world affairs, global financial system in schools and colleges … there’s astonishing uniformity. “Smart” and “educated” people in those countries read localized versions of Wall Street Journal, NY Times, BBC etc.

People in developing countries don’t even wonder why their countries need loans from the World Bank and the IMF, while the US, EU, and Japan can print as much money as they want. People in the Middle East don’t question why oil must be sold in U.S. dollar.

This is just worldwide ignorance and serfdom. This is the global brainwashing in the “democracies” that Biden loves so much for obvious reasons!

Who benefits from wars on China and Russia?

There is only one country that benefits from containing Russia and China. And that’s the USA, which wants to stay Numba One. The interesting part is that the USA wants to contain Europe as well. If Europe gets along with Russia and China, there will be a prosperous Eurasia, whose combined GDP will be 3x as big as the US economy.

However, the average European is clueless and Europe’s leaders are all compromised. The European Eunion has had ZERO growth in the last 12 years. China just surpassed the EU in GDP in 2020. The simple reason is that the EU fell into the housing bubble Ponzi scheme during 2000-2008. And Europe never developed its own versions of American internet giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber, Netflix etc. Instead, Europeans just sat on their asses and enjoyed American democracy. (And don’t even ask about Japan, which has had 0% GDP growth in 25 years!!!).

NATO was founded in 1949. For the next 70 years, its strategy documents never mentioned China. Now, in 2021, NATO General Stoltenberg says, “Almost all the proposals in NATO 2030 are relevant for addressing the rise of China.”

So, rather than fighting the status quo, the G7 will embrace “democracy jihadism” against those who “don’t share our values.” This will allow the leaders to give sanctimonious and self-righteous speeches about human rights, Western values, and democracy. I am sure they will cry for Xinjiang and Uyghurs on TV, while plotting behind doors how to divide and conquer the Muslims in the Middle East further. Maybe, during sumptuous dinners, they will discuss how to start a Mujahedin v2.0 program to fund, arm, train ETIM and TIP — the Uyghur terrorist groups — and destabilize the Xinjiang province in China.

Demonizing China and Russia is awesome for the military-industrial complex. NATO will get billions of dollars/Euros to fight the Democracy Kuffars — Russia and China.

Maybe all these democracy jihadists in Europe will fight Russia and China. And maybe they will die like suicide bombers to maintain America’s primacy. Never underestimate the group think and mob mentality in democracies.


  1. I know that in Germany, regime journalists are now instructed to mention the words ‘democracy’ or ‘democratic’ 3 times in each news flash (up to 300 words), bare minimum. Opinion pieces must have “clear focus on democracy” and start and end with a call to action for more ‘democracy’.

    ‘Put your democracy up your ass (by an ex-Harvard, ex-Tokyo, ex-Beijing scientist)’

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