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The author of this site is Chris Kanthan. He is a hi-tech professional in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is also a writer and an author, trying to raise awareness about politics, world affairs, food and health through non-partisan blog posts, often with a twist of satire. He loves traveling and has been to 35 countries around the world.

Chris has been published in dozens of websites including ZerohedgeNation of Change, Activist Post, SOTT.net, Russia Insider and others.

His two books are “Deconstructing the Syrian War” and “Deconstructing Monsanto.”

Here are some of his published articles:
*  America is Disneyland – http://bit.ly/2FBdlLW
*  America is a System, not a Democracy – http://bit.ly/America-System
*  Holistic Living is the only Viable Solution to our Healthcare Crisis – http://bit.ly/2jnJla5
*  Syrian War for Dummies – http://bit.ly/Syria-Dummies
*  Syria: The myth of “moderate rebels” – http://bit.ly/2h7g3OP
*  7 Secrets about the World – Revealed through Syrian War: http://bit.ly/2gRf0Co
*  Stop Saying Putin Invaded Ukraine and Annexed Crimea – http://bit.ly/2BGRAoC
*  Why the Deep State Hates Putin – http://bit.ly/2k5HgPU
*  Red Pill for Russophobes – Part 1: http://bit.ly/2gRjTeW
*  Red Pill for Russophobes – Part 2: http://bit.ly/2gQIHzZ
*  Intro to Islam, Salafism & Jihadism – http://bit.ly/Salafism
*  Manufacturing Dissent – The New Culture War:  http://bit.ly/Manufacturing-Dissent
*  Greece Debt Crisis – What You Are Not Being Told: By The Media http://bit.ly/1KIWstM
*  Interview about “Deconstructing Monsanto”:  http://bit.ly/10XQQ3U
*  How GMO-free Diet Changed My Life:  http://bit.ly/17SwKSS
*  The Default is Fake Food:  http://bit.ly/17k1sAS
*  Let’s Crowdfund GMO study http://bit.ly/1n0pjzc
*  March Against Monsanto  http://bit.ly/19RyWoB
*  About our Fake Economy & Fake Capitalism  http://bit.ly/1ucghRJ
*  GMO Labeling and Prop 37  http://bit.ly/NUkhlS
*  Understanding the Troubling Trends in America http://bit.ly/1vl7zxm
*  Elections in Greece  http://bit.ly/JhH1ey
*  The Fed’s Giant Ponzi Scheme http://bit.ly/1QP3C4R
*  Why we shouldn’t go to war with Syria  http://bit.ly/183Lt8o
*  Lessons in Economics from Thailand http://bit.ly/1dxVvES
*  Crisis in Ukraine: In-depth Discussion  http://bit.ly/1cS15hz
*  Zombie Economy, Living Bubble  http://bit.ly/1SIwU2q
*  The Vaccine Conundrum  http://bit.ly/1AcGVgI
*  Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy and Media’s Lobotomy http://bit.ly/1ZZqCCN
*  Marketing for Activists  http://bit.ly/12zBFlH
*  Facebook Valuation  http://bit.ly/Jwegf0
*  Obama’s Debate Performance: http://bit.ly/10dsjIJ




  1. Thank you for your excellent article: Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media”. You should try to expand on two things:

    a) The $30B given to the Greek banks….how and when
    b) And on “Stage 3 is when the banks force the government to accept massive debts.”. Please expand on that. I believe you are referring to the 100B Euro PRIVATE debt that was piled on to Greece’s public debt, right? Please expand on how and when was this done.

    Sarantos K. Aivaliotis

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously, the satire part of your label “Truth and Satire” leaves a way for opponents of truth to dismiss the content as satire. You should perhaps get rid of it.


  2. What’s with the Satire label? You’re leaving a way for people to mock your article content claiming it’s satire!

    Just call it truth!


  3. Just found your excellent work today (a Twitter reference to your Uygher/China article), and am sharing with friends. I greatly appreciate the simple, clear explanations of historical events, citing the most important factors involved. There is a place for detailed academic discussion, but general audiences will find this much more accessible and memorable. The illustrations are very well done, too. I look forward to seeing/reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

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