“Trade War”, Immigration and Idiotic Arguments of Globalists

There are three situations where the globalists use absurd, fear-based arguments to promote surrender of American sovereignty and economic interests. These scenarios are “free trade”, Muslim refugees from war-torn countries, and illegal immigration.

These arguments invariably boil down to a combination of 1) We have to accept the status quo 2) We have to be “nice” 3) There will be severe retaliation from the other side if we are not nice, and 4) We are powerless and weak

Let’s go through each one of these topics that have been distorted and twisted.

Free Trade

When the corporate media cries “Donald Trump will lead to trade wars!” … what they really mean is “We have already surrendered in the trade war, and we shouldn’t fight back!

Why would the corporate media want us to surrender?

The so-called Free Trade has been a bonanza for globalists and international corporations since it allows them access to cheap labor and a bigger consumer base. Why pay $40/hour to an American worker when somebody in Mexico or China would do the same job for $2/hour? This concept has led to a huge trade imbalance with countries such as China and Mexico. Looking at the chart below, one can see that, since WTO passed in 2000, the cumulative U.S. trade deficit with China in 2016 is close to $4 TRILLION. That is, China has sold the U.S. $4 trillion worth of goods more than they bought from the U.S.


As quickly explained in my blog post “Love me some Corporatism,” Americans went along with this since the pain from the loss of high-paying jobs has been masked by debt and cheaper consumer goods.

You see, countries are always at trade wars with each other. The country that sells more, earns more money, and thus becomes richer. It’s really not rocket science.

In an equitable environment, there is no (or very little) trade imbalance. America will sell as much to China or Mexico as they sell to us. It’s the only sustainable way to run the economy.

That’s what Trump means by “America First.” It’s not about starting trade wars. It’s about ending the current trade war where America is losing badly; it’s about equitable and balanced trade.

Accepting Muslim Refugees

Here is another situation that is completely Orwellian and mind-boggling. After flooding Europe with millions of Muslim refugees from Syria, Libya, other North African countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc., the globalists – such as George Soros, the key puppet master behind this unwanted migration – want to do the same to America.

So when Trump says, “No more refugees, at least for a while,” Hillary Clinton and the media scream, “OMG, if you say ‘No’ to the refugees, this will increase terrorist attacks on America.” Just like the trade deal argument, this is once again an argument for unconditional surrender.

If you notice, this logic only applies to America and Europe. For example, nobody says China or Japan or Mexico should accept Muslim refugees or else those countries will be attacked. Heck, even rich Muslim countries that are right next to Syria – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar etc. – don’t accept these refugees.

If you look at what’s happening to Europe, it’s been a huge disaster. Almost all of these refugees go on welfare, getting free housing, free food, free healthcare, cash payments and so on. They have admitted so many refugees that countries such as Sweden are considering cutting the minimum wage and raising taxes (which are already very high). Of course, this is the precise goal of the elites.

Greece is another tragedy where their own youth unemployment is more than 50% and the entire nation is a severe depression … yet, they are forced by the EU to accept refugees!

BTW, what kind of people are these refugees? Most of the refugees (~75%) are young men and a majority of them are illiterate — 7% never went to school(!), 55% didn’t even finish 8th grade in secondary school. Many are brainwashed religious fanatics who dream of an Islamic Europe; many sexually harass, assault or even rape women (More discussion in my previous blog post Rapefugees v. Refugees). Many of these people don’t really assimilate well and hence more than half of all prisoners in France and Belgium are Muslims.

Muslim Sharia Law

Adding to all these troubles, officials have made it clear that it is very easy for terrorists (ISIS, Al Qaeda etc.) to come in as refugees, since most people lack documentations or have fake passports. Guys who obviously look they are 30 years old, come in as 17-year-old boys. The stupidity of the whole scenario is beyond comprehension.

Given all this, one can see how detrimental (to the economy) and dangerous (to the entire society) it is for Obama to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees into America.

Confronting Illegal Immigration

protest - Mex flag

It’s quite incredible that politicians can’t even talk about illegal immigration anymore. There was a time when Reagan, Bush, Bill Clinton and Bush II all at least openly talked about controlling illegal immigration. With Obama, he has to deport about 200,000 illegals quietly. Bernie Sanders, the socialist, calls the US-Mexico wall immoral. An upside-down world indeed.

When Donald Trump talks about deporting all the illegal immigrants, there are riots in America! Democrats pander to the illegals in order to get the Hispanic/Latino vote. Corporatists and globalists like illegal immigration since it brings down the wages.

What most people don’t realize that there is no such thing as cheap labor. When an illegal immigrant family has a child, they immediately start getting welfare benefits – food, healthcare, rent subsidy, cash allowance etc.

Below is a chart that shows the cost to the state of Indiana. It does NOT INCLUDE the cost to the Federal Government, which is more than $5,000 a year per illegal immigrant or $55 billion. Overall, the total cost to the U.S. taxpayers is more than $150 billion a year.

illegal immi cost indiana


America and Europe are controlled by the same elites and thus both of these regions are experiencing the same forced policies that aim to 1) reduce wages 2) dismantle the social welfare system by overburdening it and bankrupting it 3) create social chaos to distract the public from what the 0.1% are doing 4) and destroy national borders to create One Marketplace, One Bank and One World. They are achieving this by using psychological persuasions of multiculturalism/political correctness, deception, fear and threat.

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