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Syria: 20+ Links to CIA Docs, WikiLeaks etc. that Disprove MSM Narrative x

How War Propaganda Works – Syria as an Example

Fake or False-Flag? Chemical Gas Attack in Syria

Main Problems With Modern Liberalism

What is Cultural Marxism?

What is Globalism?

Michelle Fields’ Drama with Trump’s Campaign Manager

No, Trump is Not a Racist or a Bigot

Why This (Popular) Meme About Obama Recovery is Misleading – Part 1

Why This (Popular) Meme About Obama Recovery is Misleading – Part 2

5 Myths About America that Foreigners Believe In

Why the CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Pepsi are from India

The Alpha, the Beta and Lady Macbeth (Trump, Bernie and Hillary)

Forget Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump – Here’s How to Solve America’s Problems

Dot Com Bubble 2.0?

Who Controls America?

Rapefugees v. Refugees – a Rational Discussion

Chaos in Syria, Part I – 3 Motives and 7 Countries

Chaos in Syria, Part II – Destruction, ISIS and Beyond

2016 = Stock Market Crash and Recession

How They Lie To You About The Economy – Unemployment, Inflation, Deficit and Debt

How Obama “reduced” Unemployment – Three Ways

How Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine and Killed Natural Cures

I Want Just F***ing Food

“Blame the Greeks” – 5 Persistent Myths        

The Story of Your Enslavement

Greece – One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media

(Greek Translation) Greece – One Biggest Lie You Are Not Being Told By The Media

Love Me Some Corporatism

4 Myths About the U.S. Civil War

The Fed’s Giant Ponzi Scheme

Foreign Policy Establishment is like that Uncle …

The Four Phases of Foreign Policy Discussions

3 Easy Steps to Spread Democracy  (Satire)

How America Spread Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine

Is Ukraine the new Israel – the Real Homeland for Jews?

The Real Reason Why Ukraine’s Economy Tanked

Putin Changes Course, Becomes America’s Friend

America – Real “State of the Union”

Why the ISIS Story Doesn’t Add Up

ISIS – The Dumbest Story Ever Told

Why Can’t Iraq Defeat ISIS?

9/11: What Does #NeverForget Mean?

Definition of a Conspiracy Theory

Powers of Words in the Media

Fake Economy + Fake Capitalism = Crapitalism

(Others to be added later)

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