False Flag or Fake: “Chemical Gas Attack” in Syria

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Here is a quick analysis of why the so-called “chemical gas attack” in Syria in April is very likely a fake or a false flag attack.

Cui Bono: Latin for “Who Benefits?” Who gains from this attack? Certainly not the Syrian President, Assad.

  • Assad has been winning the battles against both ISIS and Al Qaeda since the end of 2016, capturing one major city/region after another.
  • Five days before the gas attack, Trump said he is dropping the slogan, “Assad must go.”
  • And the EU-UN-Syria peace talks were starting on April 4th the exact day when the alleged “chemical attack” occurred.
  • A chemical attack by Assad at this point would be the dumbest move ever that turns the world against him. So the ONLY people to benefit from this “chemical gas attack” are Assad’s enemies, who have the motives, means and opportunity.

In 2013, the terrorists used a similar chemical attack stunt after which Obama authorized sales of missiles and powerful rockets.

BTW, don’t assume that Assad is some kind of a bloodthirsty, Jihadist monster. He is truly a moderate and a very sophisticated guy who was once embraced by the western Establishment.


Assad and wife with the British Queen, the Pope(!), former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and John Kerry

Not Effective, Not Needed: The location and the time of attack don’t make any sense at all. Why would someone choose the outskirts of a small town (Khan Sheikhun) and attack it at 6 a.m.?

The fact is that when Russia and USA gladly drop conventional bombs on terrorists on behalf of Syria, there is no need to use chemical weapons. Examples:

Fake Chemical Attack: To begin with, the Syrian government gave up all its chemical weapons in 2013 and there’s no proof they had acquired any since then.

  • As for this incident, nobody knows when and where all the horrifying pictures and videos were taken.
  • You can’t tell how the kids died without an autopsy.
  • And how come the chemical gas seemed to attack only children and men? Strange!
  • How do we even know the children were not faking it, or were simply drugged into deep sleep?
chicken blood

How to use Chicken Blood and Fake Death

If you think, faking chemical attack is too devious, watch this 2-min video below – Syrian rebels train kids how to fake spasms, foaming at the mouth (whipped cream) and death.


Apart from all the unknowns, there are many other suspicious things that point to this attack possibly being fake.

1) Pictures of White Helmets helping “victims” while not wearing gloves or protective equipment. If Sarin gas were used, as alleged by fake media, all these White Helmets guys would have died as well.

Idlib -white helmets

Similarly, if you look at the picture (below) of an “expert” collecting evidence from the place of alleged chemical attack, he’s not even wearing shoes and many parts of his body are exposed. (The picture on the left is an actual scene from Japan after a Sarin gas attack). It’s a big freaking joke.

Sarin Gas Real v Fake

2) A “dead” girl in a heart-breaking video (at the end of this blog post) opens her eyes just a few seconds earlier. (Also, look at her unblemished skin – not exactly how skin looks after exposure to chemicals such as mustard gas, Sarin gas or other chemical weapons)

Idlib2 - girl eyes

3) The only evidence of the use of a chemical weapon has been a little pothole and a flattened 2.5-ft pipe. This is crazy! Military jets don’t fly at 300 mph and drop little pipes filled with Sarin gas. As an MIT professor has explained, this is a crude weapon assembled by the rebels on the ground. Fill up a pipe with some sort of chemicals; and  place an explosive on top of the pipe. The professor also points out that this chemical is not something deadly as Sarin.


4) One of the key witnesses for this attack was a doctor named Shajul Islam, who was interviewed on all the major TV networks. Turns out that he is a radical Muslim (jihadist) doctor from the UK who lost his medical license after being charged with terrorist kidnapping of journalists in Syria.  This Al Qaeda doctor also was handling the “Sarin gas victims” with bare hands and, on top of that, he smelled the victims to assure the viewers that chlorine gas was not used (see video at the end of this article)! He’s a fake doctor and dumb propagandist.

Idlib Doctor 2

5) Oscars-winning White Helmets are a big hoax. They are supposed to be unarmed, neutral, civilian volunteers. However, in fact, they are paid propagandists who are part-time Al Qaeda guys. White Helmets have also received more than $120 million from US/UK/Qatar governments. Many videos and Syrian journalists have exposed them (here’s a great video). White Helmets have also been praised by Al Qaeda leaders as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution.”

White Helmets

False Flag Attack: This is when Al Qaeda or any other jihadist group would deliberately use actual chemical gas and then blame it on Assad. Al Qaeda and ISIS have easy access to chemical weapons and have used it dozens of times. For example, even the New York Times admits that ISIS has used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq more than 50 times!

Syria rebels chem

The Jihadists are barbaric and have raped, beheaded, shot and bombed tens of thousands of children over the last six years.

For example, these Sunni rebels recently bombed a few buses full of civilians that included more than 70 children simply because the victims were Shia Muslims (see clip at the end of this article). Thus, one possibility is that Al Qaeda used killed some of their adversaries and their children and then blamed it on the Syrian government. Two goals achieved in a single act.

One of the “victims” that got a lot of coverage is Abdul Hamid al Yousef, the father of twins. Guess what, his Facebook posts reveal him to be an Al Qaeda rebel!

Twins 1-3


The OPCW conclusion (in July 2017) was a joke. First, it never visited the site. Second, all it said was that Sarin or “Sarin-Like” substance was used, which could mean 1000 other chemicals. Finally, only three samples were analyzed, so we can’t deduce beyond three victims. Furthermore, even those three samples were provided by Al Qaeda groups. Basic logic and fairness dictate that:

  • 1) UN chemical experts should have gone to Idlib, Syria, and collected and analyzed the samples, and
  • 2) UN weapons experts should have gone to the site, collected evidence, and figured out exactly who fired the weapons, from where etc.

As a final note, just remember that there are very powerful groups and countries that have “invested” billions of dollars on destroying the Syrian government, and they are not going to give up easily.

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Author: Chris Kanthan


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