False Flag or Fake: “Chemical Gas Attack” in Syria

Here is a quick analysis of why the so-called “chemical gas attack” in Syria is very likely a fake or a false flag attack.

Cui Bono: Latin for “Who Benefits?” Who gains from this attack? Certainly not the Syrian President, Assad.

  • Assad has been winning the battles against both ISIS and Al Qaeda for the last 4 months, capturing one major city/region after another.
  • He is getting help from Russia, Iran and even the U.S. in fight against ISIS and the “moderate rebels.”
  • Just a couple of days ago, Trump said he is dropping the slogan, “Assad must go.”
  • And the EU-UN-Syria peace talks were starting on April 4th — the exact day when the alleged “chemical attack” occurred.
  • A chemical attack by Assad at this point would be the dumbest move ever that turns the world against him. So the ONLY people to benefit from this “chemical gas attack” are Assad’s enemies, who have the motives, means and opportunity.

BTW, don’t assume that Assad is some kind of a bloodthirsty, Jihadist monster. He is truly a moderate and a very sophisticated guy who was once embraced by the western Establishment. Here are some pictures of Assad schmoozing with the British Queen, the Pope(!), former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and John Kerry. (The woman shaking the Queen’s hand is Assad’s wife.)


Not Effective, Not Needed: The location and the time of attack don’t make any sense at all. Why would someone choose the outskirts of a small town (Khan Sheikhun) and attack it at 6 a.m.?

The fact is that when Russia and USA gladly drop conventional bombs on terrorists on behalf of Syria, there is no need to use chemical weapons. Examples:

You get the picture. Follow @CJTFOIR on Twitter and you will get daily reports on USA bombing the hell out of ISIS.

Fake Chemical Attack: To begin with, the Syrian government gave up all its chemical weapons in 2013 and there’s no proof they had acquired any since then. Apart from that, there are many suspicious things that point to this attack possibly being fake. And if you had followed up on the alleged attack in 2013, you wouldn’t need too much convincing, but let’s go through three evidences from today.

1) Pictures of White Helmets helping “victims” while not wearing gloves. If Sarin gas were used, as alleged by fake media, all these guys would have died as well.

Idlib -white helmets

Similarly, if you look at the picture (below) of an “expert” collecting evidence from the place of alleged chemical attack, he’s not even wearing shoes, let alone proper gear. (The picture on the left is an actual scene from Japan after a Sarin gas attack.)

Sarin Gas Real v Fake

2) A “dead” girl in a heart-breaking video (at the end of this blog post) opens her eyes just a few seconds earlier. (Also, look at her unblemished skin – not exactly how skin looks after exposure to chemicals such as mustard gas, Sarin gas or other chemical weapons)

Idlib2 - girl eyes

In 2013, during similar allegations of chemical attack by Assad, BBC was caught staging a fake story at a hospital.

3) The only evidences of the use of a chemical weapon have been a little pothole and a flattened 2.5-ft pipe. This is crazy! Military jets don’t fly at 300 mph and drop little pipes filled with Sarin gas. As an MIT professor has explained, this is a crude weapon assembled by the rebels on the ground. Fill up a pipe with some sort of chemicals; and  place an explosive on top of the pipe. The explosion will push out the chemicals from the pipe and flatten the pipe. The professor also points out that this chemical is not something deadly as Sarin (he used the same logic as I did).


4) There’s been a doctor in Idlib who’s been tweeting non-stop about the gas attack. He’s also being interviewed on all the major TV networks and treated as the lead witness. So who is he? He is a radical Muslim (jihadist) doctor from the UK who lost his medical license after being charged with terrorist kidnapping of journalists in Syria.  This Al Qaeda doctor also was handling the “Sarin gas victims” without any gloves and, on top of that, he smelled the victims to assure the viewers that chlorine gas was not used (see video at the end of this article)! He would have been dead along with the victims  if Sarin gas was truly involved. He’s a fake doctor and dumb propagandist.

Idlib Doctor 2

5) Finally, Oscars-winning White Helmets are a big hoax. They are supposed to be unarmed, neutral, civilian volunteers. However, in fact, they are paid propagandists who are part-time Al Qaeda guys. White Helmets have also received more than $120 million from US/UK/Qatar governments. Many videos and Syrian journalists have exposed them (Great video). There’s a website, Clarity of Signal, that uses social media of many White Helmets guys to show their links to Al Qaeda. There is a video where an Al Qaeda leader praises White Helmets as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution.”

White Helmets

AQ 3b

False Flag Attack: This is when Al Qaeda or any other jihadist group would deliberately use actual chemical gas and then blame it on Assad. Al Qaeda and ISIS have easy access to chemical weapons and have used it dozens of times. For example, even the New York Times admits that ISIS has used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq more than 50 times! Of course, when ISIS and Al Qaeda use chemical weapons, the MSM just shrugs it off, so most people are unaware of the capabilities of the terrorists in Syria.

Syria rebels chem

The Jihadists are barbaric and there is a lot of brutal fighting amongst themselves. For example, in Idlib, just two months ago, Al Qaeda killed 100 jihadists from another group.

Also, these Sunni rebels recently bombed a few buses full of civilians that included more than 70 children simply because the victims were Shia Muslims (see clip at the end of this article). Thus, one possibility is that Al Qaeda used killed some of their adversaries and their children and then blamed it on the Syrian government. Two goals achieved in a single act.


I am not even going to talk about the involvement of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, CIA and the others, since that’s too long a discussion. You can read my two extensive articles (listed below) on the truth about the war in Syria. But before jumping to any conclusions, we all should demand at least the following:

  • 1) UN chemical experts must go to Idlib, Syria, and collect and analyze the samples, and
  • 2) UN weapons experts must go to the site, collect evidence, and figure out exactly who fired the weapons, from where etc.

Remember that in 2013, UN experts actually concluded that it was the rebels who had used the chemical weapons. But this report was quickly swept under the rug.

Sarin Rebels

As a final note, just remember that there are very powerful groups and countries that have “invested” billions of dollars on destroying the Syrian government, and they are not going to give up easily.

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Video with “dead girl” opening one of her eyes!


Al Qaeda Doctor Handling “Sarin Gas Victim” Without Gloves and Then Smelling Them!


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  1. Thank you so much for writing this. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, the machine of pro-war propaganda is too smart and powerful. They learned their lesson from Vietnam. So we (USA) will be “liberating” Syria any day now, as if wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not saying I don’t believe you, but the video of the deceased girl supposedly opening her eye is bogus. If you skip between the two frames, you can see that it’s a slight shifting of camera angle – along with the removal of a shadow over her face – that makes the white of her eye more visible, thereby making it appear, at first glance, that her eye has opened. Though, frankly, I’m astounded that it would need to be explained; the girl is very obviously dead.


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