Three Reasons For Possible Saudi Coup

Top 3 reasons why Saudi Arabia will see instability and a possible coup soon:

🔷 Trying to Reverse Islamic Radicalism

🔺 Saudi prince MbS is trying to abruptly change the religious norms. After 40 years of Wahhabi extremism, you can’t just go “moderate” with a flip of a switch

🔷 Disastrous foreign policy failures

🔺 couldn’t overthrow Assad in Syria after spending tens of billions of dollars since 2011

🔺 couldn’t defeat Houthis in Yemen

🔺 meddling in Lebanon was a big flop (remember holding the Lebanese president hostage in Saudi Arabia and forcing him to resign on Saudi TV?)

🔺 couldn’t defeat Hezbollah

🔺 being a total puppet of Israel

🔺 needless conflict with Qatar. The blockade and the ultimatums failed and now Qatar is more dependent on Iran than ever before.

🔷 Mistreatment of Powerful Saudi Elites

🔺 arresting billionaires, torturing and humiliating them and extorting billions of dollars from them will earn a lot of enemies

🔺 MbS (Mohammad bin Salman)  violated the rule of consensus and got rid of the real successor to the throne. There are now lots of unhappy Royal family members in Saudi Arabia


Author: Chris Kanthan  center  Please check out my book “Deconstructing the Syrian War