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Syria: War of Deception



Poppy fields    5 Reasons to Get Out of Afghanistan

Afghan 6    Muslim Countries Being Secular Before 1980


China GDP growth   The Rising China Dream

british-east-india  Why CEO’s of Google, Microsoft & Pepsi are Indians


Syria Truth  Truth About Syria in 2 minutes (video)

Assad   What was Syria like under Assad from 2000 until 2010?

IMG_0948   Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions

18   The Myth of Moderate Rebels in Syria

Next 5   Syria – What Happens Next? (War is almost over now)

Saudi Manchurian   Saudi Arabia – What the heck is happening?

55.jpg   Beautiful Syria – 30 Pictures

image   Slideshow: Syria in 1930s thru 1960s

image    Slideshow: Assad and Christians

image    Slideshow: Bashar and Asma al-Assad

image    Slideshow: Current Secular Syria under Assad 

rebel weapons 1    Slideshow: Lethal Weapons of “moderate Syrian rebels”

10     Slideshow: Crimes of Moderate Rebels

rebels tanks 4     Syria – Collection of Videos

04     Slideshow: Syrian Children in Refugee Camps

52     Slideshow: Syria for Tourists

Assad0 Queen    Slideshow: Assad with Foreign Leaders

08    Slideshow: Assad and Syrians

25    Slideshow: Destruction of Syria

55   Slideshow: Summary of Beautiful Syria


Why the West Hates Russia and Putin

Why US-Russia Relations Went Sour in the 1990s

Stop Saying “Putin Invaded Ukraine and Annexed Crimea”

8 Real Reasons why the NWO Presstitutes Demonize Putin

11 Crazy, Illogical Reasons to hate Putin

Why is the US afraid of RT, Russia’s media?

Crime-Ukraine-Russia – Quick Discussion

Candid Conversation about Ukraine-Crimea-Russia-US conflict

When the US Wages Wars Covertly…


Author: Chris Kanthan