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American Empire is Collapsing in Real Time

Why the US needs to destroy Russia and China — Bretton Woods III

How wars make America great

De-globalization — Another fantasy/lie from Peter Zeihan

America has lost its proxy war in Ukraine

From American Century to a Multipolar World — How to Transition

Afghanistan – A geopolitical Victory for China? Not Really.

The Most Dangerous Decade: 2018-2028

Military, Deep State and American Innocence

Why Americans Love Perpetual Wars

Don’t Blindly Support US Foreign Policy

Globalists wanted to exploit Asia, but they failed

US Dependence on Other (shithole) Nations for Natural Resources

US Foreign Policy is Embarrassing and Futile

How Islam, India and China led to the creation of the USA and European Colonialism all over the world

Five myths about USA that foreigners should know about

US-China-India: Raw geopolitics explained


Understanding the Gaza Protests and Life under Israeli Occupation

Geopolitics of Trump-Kim Summit

Why Trump Dumped the Iran Deal

Netanyahu’s clown show on Iran’s nuclear program

Iran – History & geopolitics to Understand What’s Happening Now

Iran Protests

Iran Protests Seem Staged – Here’s Why

Three Quick Reasons Why Iran is Targeted by US/Israel/Saudi Arabia

5 Reasons to Get Out of Afghanistan

(Slideshow) Muslim Countries Being Secular Before 1980

Rohingya Crisis — Links to Geopolitics, Oil and Wahhabism

What is the Impulsive Saudi Crown Prince up to?

Why a Coup is Possible in Saudi Arabia

Nikki Haley and her Idiotic Missile Presentation


How India can become a developed nation

How India Should Manage the “China Threat”

India as a Tool to Contain China — Geopolitics Explained

How Bright is India’s Future?

15 Videos that show how advanced China is

The Rising China Dream


China’s Global Leadership — Charts and Figures (2019)

China Catching Up: Timeline

How’s China handling the coronavirus crisis?

Three Facts about Hong Kong Protests that Americans Should Know

Truth About Hong Kong Protests

Tiananmen Square Massacre — Facts, Fiction and Propaganda

Uyghurs and Xinjiang — What You’re Not being Told

Anti-China Rhetoric is Contradictory and Illogical

What is PPP GDP? Or, why China is the largest economy in the world

Who won the trade war? Analysis of Trump’s trade deal (Oct 2019)

Huawei, Geopolitics, Trade War and Hostage Crisis (Meng Wanzhou, CFO)

Trade War with China — Easy to Win?

How China Can Cripple US Economy

How and Why Trump Folded in Trade War Against China

Myths and Delusions about Winning the Trade War

Chinese Leadership in Renewable Energy

China’s Global Leadership List 

Amazing Chinese Highways and Bridges (Pictures)

Chinese High-Speed Railway’s Female Attendants (Eye Candy Pictures)

Half the World’s Skyscrapers are in China

Eliminating Poverty – Chinese Style


Xinjiang (slideshow) — Forget the Uyghur propaganda on MSM

Robots and AI … common in China now

China’s GDP was $14.4 trillion in 2019. In ten years …

Why CEO’s of Google, Microsoft & Pepsi are Indians

India – America’s New Vassal State?


Syria Truth

Truth About Syria in 2 minutes (video)

Debunking 10 Lies About Assad and Syria


What was Syria like under Assad from 2000 until 2010?

Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions

The Myth of Moderate Rebels in Syria

How US and the Globalists Lost the Middle East

Syria – What Happens Next? (War is almost over now)

Saudi Arabia – What the heck is happening?

Beautiful Syria – 30 Pictures

Slideshow: Syria in 1930s thru 1960s

Slideshow: Assad and Christians

Slideshow: Bashar and Asma al-Assad

Slideshow: Current Secular Syria under Assad 

Slideshow: Lethal Weapons of “moderate Syrian rebels”


Slideshow: Crimes of Moderate Rebels

Syria – Collection of Videos

Slideshow: Syrian Children in Refugee Camps

Slideshow: Syria for Tourists

Assad0 Queen

Slideshow: Assad with Foreign Leaders

Slideshow: Assad and Syrians

Slideshow: Destruction of Syria

Slideshow: Summary of Beautiful Syria

Nikki Haley, the Drama Queen (Iran Missile Incidence)

Iran Protests — Regime Change Attempt External Forces?



The Big Lies about Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022

Ukraine War: Russia survives, EU dies, China gains, USA wins big

Why the West Hates Russia and Putin

Why Putin Hates the USA. Or, What the US Really did to Russia

How Putin made Russia Great Again

Why US-Russia Relations Went Sour in the 1990s

Referendums in Ukraine to join Russia (2022). What’s Next?

Stop Saying “Putin Invaded Ukraine and Annexed Crimea”

US Staged a Coup in Ukraine. Here’s Why and How

Why Novichok is a False Flag Attack intended to blame Putin

8 Real Reasons why the NWO Presstitutes Demonize Putin

11 Crazy, Illogical Reasons to hate Putin

The Truth behind Russophobia and Mass Immigration to EU

Why is the US afraid of RT, Russia’s media?

Crime-Ukraine-Russia – Quick Discussion

Candid Conversation about Ukraine-Crimea-Russia-US conflict

When the US Wages Wars Covertly…

Framing Putin – The Sordid False Flag of Nerve Agent Attack in the UK


G7 2021: Joe Biden’s Tour of Democracy Jihadism

Europe’s Lost Decade

EU – Authoritarian, NWO Nightmare

The Truth behind Russophobia and Mass Immigration to EU

US Foreign Policy is Awful and Embarrassing

Author: Chris Kanthan