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Embracing   Partners For Proxy Wars: The West and Islamic Terrorism, Since 1979

Syrian War   Understand the War in Syria … You’ll Understand the Secrets of the World

Mujahideen-Rambo-Reagan-Taliban  USA and allies created, funded, armed ISIS 

Syrian War   15+ Articles on Syria That Will Destroy Every MSM Narrative


Syria Truth  Truth About Syria in 2 minutes (video)

Idlib2 - girl eyes  SyriaHoax: False Flag or Fake Chemical Attack

family   Assad is not a “brutal dictator”

Syria rebels arms   40+ Definitive Links that Prove US trying Regime Change in Syria Since 1956

FSA-ISIS-Qaeda   There are no “moderate” rebels in Syria

rebels tanks 4     Lethal Weapons of “moderate rebels” – Slideshow

collection    White Helmets – Al Qaeda in Uniform (Pics and a video) 

destruction    Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions

Women - Assad -Rebel    Syria War Propaganda

refugee    Chaos in Syria: Part One – 7 Countries, 3 Motives

kids camp 5    Chaos in Syria: Part Two – How the War Unfolded

Syrian War    Syrian War From Syria’s Perspective

Assad Logic    Logical Fallacies of Syria War

image    Slideshow: Syria in 1930s thru 1960s

image     Slideshow: Assad and Christians

image    Slideshow: Bashar and Asma al-Assad

rebel weapons 1    Slideshow: Lethal Weapons of “moderate Syrian rebels”

rebels tanks 4     Syria – Collection of Videos


Why the West Hates Russia and Putin

Why US-Russia Relations Went Sour in the 1990s

Crime-Ukraine-Russia – Quick Discussion

Candid Conversation about Ukraine-Crimea-Russia-US conflict

When the US Wages Wars Covertly…


Author: Chris Kanthan