Nikki Haley, the Drama Queen

Here’s why Nikki Haley’s anti-Iran performance at the UN was insane, illogical and counter-productive. She showed large, reassembled pieces of a missile as the evidence of Iranian aggression and claimed that Iran was a threat to the world.

  1. It’s not as if it’s the first missile ever fired on this planet earth!
  2. It’s a freaking outdated SCUD missile from decades ago, not a nuclear missile

    Nikki Haley 1

    Nikki Haley and her stupid missile

  3. Nobody died … or even got injured … from this stupid missile (link). Really! And she shipped this all the way from Saudi Arabia to New York? What a waste of taxpayer’s money!
  4. It was fired at Saudi Arabia — an authoritarian, undemocratic, head-chopping Wahhabi country that funds/arms ISIS and Al Qaeda. Oh, most of the alleged 9/11 terrorists were from … where?ISIS-vs-Saudi-Arabia
  5. The missile was fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Why? Saudi Arabia has been ruthlessly bombing that poor country for three years and has killed over 10,000 civilians. 600,000 people in Yemen now have cholera and other deadly diseases because the Saudis have destroyed essential infrastructure – hospitals, bridges, ports, water supplies etc. – and have blockaded the country so that Yemenis can’t even get food and medicine. Yeah, there’s a mass genocide going on and Nikki is crying about a missile?Nikki Haley 3
  6. What’s the proof that the missile was made in Iran? A freaking logo on one of the parts. Not even sthg like a serial number. Well, the logo could have been created/placed by the Saudis or the CIA; or that component could be from another missile; or maybe someone assembled the missile with parts bought in the black market; or many other reasons to suspect the authenticity of the “evidence.”Nikki Haley 2
  7. UPDATE: After her presentation turned out to be a dud – just like the missile – bulldog Nikki Haley came back with a new presentation to the UN in Jan 2018! This time, she had found a new missile part: a tube that says “Made in Iran“!!! In English!!!! See, now everyone in the world would be totally convinced!Iran missile Nikki Haley
  8. Any proof that Iran directly shipped the missile to Yemen? Nope. If you look at ISIS, they have plenty of Israeli and American missiles, but nobody makes a big deal. Hmm … this is worse than “Saddam has WMD!”
  9. Is it possible that Iran gave the missile to Yemen? Totally. But Saudi Arabia and Qatar shipped billions of dollars of guns, rockets, mortars and missiles to the Syrian rebels for six years. Guess who had to fight those rebels? Iranian mercenaries. So, yeah, Iran giving the Saudis a dose of their own medicine won’t be surprising.

    rebels weapons grad 2

    Syrian rebels with deadly missiles provided by Saudi Arabia. No global outrage!

  10. Nikki claims that this is a situation of the world versus Iran. This is true if the world consisted of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the US. Iran gets along pretty much with everyone outside this trio. France signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Iran; Putin and Erdogan (Turkey) met with Rouhani (Iranian president) recently; China conducts military drills with Iran; Qatar depends on Iran for food imports, and also co-shares the world’s largest natural gas field with Iran; India is working on an oil pipeline from Iran … etc.Russia-Iran-Turkey
  11. Bottom line: Nikki Haley has become the Israeli ambassador to the UN. And she doesn’t come up with any constructive solutions for problems. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s vitriol and aggression. This lunatic has no diplomatic skills and knows nothing about foreign policy. Disaster! She should try to work on a peace treaty in Yemen, not scream for another war.

Israel has been crying wolf about Iran for more than 20 years. Remember Netanyahu’s idiotic drawing at the UN to show how Iran was close to getting a nuclear weapon?

Nikki Haley 7

For more than 35 years, Zionists and Israeli elites have been dreaming of a Greater Israel — the Yinon project.

Israel - Yinon Project Greater Israel

To accomplish this, they’re using the divide and rule strategy of turning Sunnis (Saudi Arabia) against Shiites (Iran). After the miserable failure to oust Assad in Syria, the Neocons and other warmongers are trying to start a new war with Iran. Let’s hope sensible people in Trump administration prevail.

Author: Chris Kanthan   Check out Deconstructing the Syrian War, my new e-book on the Syrian war, the most consequential war of recent times

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