Michelle Fields’ Drama with Trump’s Campaign Manager

Yesterday, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was officially charged with a misdemeanor simple battery for grabbing a reporter, Michelle Fields, during a Trump press conference earlier this month (March 8). And the media is having a field day with calls for his resignation and accusations of Trump surrounding himself with violent people.

So what’s the real truth?


In her own words, this is what happened to Michelle Fields:

“I wasn’t called upon to ask a question during the televised press conference, but afterwards Trump wandered around, stopping at every reporter to take their questions. When he approached me, I asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action.

Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.”

Then, two days later, she tweeted a picture of her arm which showed a bruise that she claimed was caused by Trump’s campaign manager.

Michelle Fields bruise

Then the next day she filed a formal complaint with the police.

Later, she also told a TV station, “it was the worst moment in my life except when my father died.”

Corey Lewandowski, on his part, said, he never touched Michelle and he doesn’t even know who she is.

Analysis Part 1:

For a couple of weeks, it was simply he said – she said. Although the mainstream media accepted her bruise without any question, it will not be acceptable in the court of law as a definite evidence.  A little lipstick and mascara can create a “bruise” for a picture. Or, before she went to the police, she could have caused the bruise herself or with the help of someone else, such as her boyfriend.

Yesterday, on March 29, the police formally charged Corey L. with simple battery, a misdemeanor. At the same time, the police released a video from a surveillance camera from the hotel where the conference took place.

What is clear from the video is both Corey L. and Michelle F. had lied to varying degrees.

Lies of Michelle:

** Trump certainly was not “wandering around” – he was leaving the conference and going straight for the exit.

** Trump was certainly not “stopping at every reporter” – he was trying to avoid reporters!

** Michelle lied when she said “When Trump approached me” – again, it was Michelle ambushing Trump (as tough reporters do).

** Corey L. did not yank Michelle down. It was a 2-second grab to pull her away from Trump. The secret service has said that they warned her twice but she kept going. The secret service staff, protecting Trump, also said she touched/grabbed Trump twice. It’s clear from the video that she was not “yanked down.”

** Michelle did not “almost fall to the ground.” The video shows that within two seconds of her being grabbed, she went back to looking at her smartphone in her hands. (See picture below, her phone is highlighted).

Michelle Fields - right after yanked

** Corey L. did not use excessive force in pulling her back. Another video, released earlier, shows no facial expression or grimace of pain while she is being pulled back. She doesn’t even turn around, she doesn’t scream or open her mouth to say something like “Ouch!”

** For Michelle Fields to say this was the “second worst moment” in her life … that’s pure hyperbole and exaggeration.

** Michelle had also lied in her police report when she said “Fist, Feet and Teeth” were used against her as weapons during this alleged battery. Really, Michelle???? In her fantasy, she was bitten and kicked and beaten up by Trump’s thugs!!!

michelle fields allegations 3

Corey’s Lie:

He did say he never touched her. It is not true, but it may not be a lie. In the life of a campaign manager – especially working for someone like Trump who is running a very low-budget presidential campaign – life is very hectic with hundreds of critical items to take care of every day. As you can see from the video, dozens of people are surrounding Trump and it’s a chaotic situation. In this moment, Corey just saw a reporter from the back and he might not have even see her face. He just saw an aggressive reporter and instinctively grabbed her to slow her down. She stopped and went away without making a fuss. It was a non-event. The next time he had to think about this event was two days later when she tweeted her bruise. It is extremely likely that he didn’t even remember that incident.

Analysis Part II

Let’s take a look at the big picture. How many times have we all been grabbed/yanked/pushed in subway trains, buses, bars, clubs, concerts or even in churches? (Not to mention Black Friday sales!) Technically, touching anyone without their consent is an assault/battery. But if this standard were to be applied every day, we all would end up in jail.

If that strict standard were to be applied to the reporters, many would be arrested, including Michelle Fields who aggressively touched Donald Trump twice that night.

Michelle Fields is a known liar. She has leveled false accusations in the past about NYPD as well as Occupy Wall Street. She is also coming up with a book in June and, no doubt, this incident will have an entire chapter or two devoted to it.

The fact the police even went ahead and made a formal charge can only be attributed to stupidity or the fact the prosecutor in that county is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

Finally, as Piers Morgan wrote in his article, this whole incident would have been a non-event if it had happened to a male reporter. Also, if Michelle had been grabbed by the secret service, this would not have been a big deal. And let’s not forget that many reporters go to the most dangerous war zones around the world and risk their lives and sometimes get shot or even killed … while reporters such as Michelle Fields whine about nothing.

Michelle Fields - NOT

NOT Michelle Fields

This entire incident is about Michelle Fields seeking her 15 minutes of fame. It is beyond doubt that Corey Lewandowski will be exonerated. It will be justice rendered if Michelle Fields is also found guilty of lying, filing a false police report and making false accusations.








  1. I expect you’ve heard this before, but no one is ever “found innocent” under American law. One is PRESUMED to be innocent, therefore can only be found “guilty” or “not guilty”. This presumption of innocence is different from some other countries that do function using a “presumption of guilt” default. Whichever presumption is in force determines which side has the burden of proof. In our system the prosecution (in criminal cases) or the party filing suit (in civil cases) must prove the charges, not the party who denies the charges. In places where there is a presumption of guilt, the DEFENSE must prove the charges are false, which leads to being “found innocent”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point. Thanks to our stupid media, everyone – especially the liberals – are going around screaming that Corey is guilty. Hence the “found innocent” … but thanks for pointing out the legal aspects.


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