“The Vicious Snake” – Read by Donald Trump

Immigrants are forced into Europe to fundamentally alter the society. Who does it and why?

** It’s one way to destroy the social fabric and the welfare system. A couple of years down the road, the financial burden will be used as an excuse to dismantle the welfare system, pensions, social services etc.

** It’s also a simple and an effective way to reduce the wages, just like illegal immigrants in the U.S. quickly brought down the wages of the bottom 40-50% of Americans.

** Terrorist acts such as in the U.K., Spain, France, Belgium etc. are used to pass the “Patriot Act” for Europe — mass surveillance, police state and cracking down on free speech and other individual freedom and liberty. Also, ever notice how all these countries experience only one attack? This may be “Gladio Part II.” Gladio was a secret terror network that was operated by NATO/CIA throughout Europe for decades after World War II. As hard it is to believe, they would explode bombs and use other terror tactics and blame them on anti-US/left groups in order to change the public opinion. Classic false flag tactics.

** It’s certainly not about being “nice” to Muslims, since this is orchestrated by the same elites – such as George Soros and other globalists – who also bomb the Muslim countries and kill them in millions.

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