Response to #ResistCapitalism on Twitter

George Soros must be directing his “social justice warriors” towards a new project today – make hashtag #ResistCapitalism into  a trending theme on Twitter.

Here are some clever responses from @Corporatocrazy that expose several fallacies and misunderstanding behind this theme:

** American economy is failing sooo bad that #ResistCapitalism is trending

** People are confusing “crony capitalism” with capitalism. Don’t throw the baby with the bathwater.

** NWO banksters & globalists have wrecked capitalism. We can fix it by voting for the right politicians & changing ourselves – how we spend our money, what we eat, how we take care of our health etc.

** @BernieSanders students went to a capitalist bank for loans. When it was time to repay the loans, those kids became socialists!

** Stop relying so much on corporate medicine. Eat/cook organic food, learn natural remedies, workout and say NO to drugs.

** Avoid #GMO. Avoid #debt. Avoid TV.
      Avoid Consumerism. Buy Made in America

** Who controls America? Learn the truth before shouting “#ResistCapitalism

** Lenin and Trotsky (real name: Bronstein) – who were funded by #banksters from London and New York – tricked Russians into tragic #communism

** Far-left #BlackLivesMatter & other loonies are funded by capitalist George Soros. Just like how #WallStreet funded Lenin

** America is full of dumb college students who graduate as Social Justice Warriors. Hey SJW losers, learn some real skills

** #ResistCapitalism is for those who lost in the game of capitalism. Please STFU. Learn sh*t, work hard.

** Twitter looks “FREE” to @BernieSanders fans. But thousands of programmers & millions of hours & billions of dollars were invested to make Twitter work

** If you cannot repay your student loans, support @BernieSanders and #ResistCapitalism
If you are smart and hardworking, #VoteTrump!!

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