8 Reasons to Reject Global Warming and Climate Change Hysteria. (2-min read)

I have written a detailed blog post on the climate change hoax, but here is a quick summary for those who want to understand the main points:

**1. “Climate Change” is a Terrible Phrase

Climate on the earth changes all the time, sometimes dramatically. Even the ice in the north and south poles have come and gone numerous times. There are myriad of powerful forces beyond humans.

**2. “Global Land Temperature” is also a Meaningless Term

To truly measure the “earth’s” temperature, we need to have measurements everywhere, 24×7. Comprehensive monitoring of space and time. It’s impossible!

We can measure temperature in some fixed places but not the “earth’s temperature.” There are only a handful of countries which even have 1000 weather stations. In China, Russia, and Africa — which combined account for about 40% of earth’s land area — there is one weather station for every 30,000 sq. km. It’s a joke.

Even in the US, which has 1000s of monitors, the measurement is done about 10 feet above the ground in an open area. Nobody measures the temperatures close to the ground, under tree shades etc., which are cooler.

Then, think of forests, which make up 30% of earth’s land and are much cooler. No measurements!

**3 Ocean Temperature is Limited to Surface and Not Continuous

A few buoys drifting around on the oceans measure temperature on the surface. No 24×7 measurement of the oceans, which make up 70% of the earth’s total surface.

Also, there are no measurements in the depths of the ocean, which are much colder and obviously also part of the earth.

**4 Satellite Measurements are Inaccurate and Not 24×7

Satellites circle 70,000 km or more above the earth and mostly measure microwave radiations from the atmosphere. Such satellites cannot measure the temperature of the earth’s surface; and do not have granular views — for example, might get a rough idea of an area 10km x 10km. Furthermore, satellites cannot monitor every area 24×7. They get about 4 to 6 “big picture” measurements of vast areas per day.

Some satellites can measure infrared heat waves but they cannot make measurements through clouds.

Basically, incomplete and inaccurate data from satellites.

**5. Data Fudging and Tampering

Every time there is “cooling,” scientists go back and fudge the data to make global warming appear. All the data are highly subjective and must/can/will be manipulated. All the “hockey-stick” charts you see are blatant lies, scientific frauds or simple tricks with graphs and statistics.

**6. No Proof, No Formula

There is no scientific proof for any of the sensational claims made by the scientists. Does CO2 cause warming? Ask for a formula! There is none.

Everything is based on modeling. However, the models cannot predict the weather/climate tomorrow or next week, next month, or next year. And they cannot say what the weather/climate was yesterday, last week, or last month either!

All the modeling tools of climatologists are simplistic and are also replete with human inputs, assumptions, approximations and errors.

**7. Modern Science Does Not Understand Nature

Just like modern science does not understand food and health, it approaches climate science with the same kind of hubris and wrong tools.

Climate science is too complex, too dynamic, too non-linear, and has way too many known and unknown variables.

There are also feedback loops that give self-healing properties to the earth’s ecosystem. For example, higher CO2 means more plants and trees which grow faster and bigger… which in turn absorb CO2. And a warmer climate means more water vapor, which cause clouds, which cool the earth in two ways — by reflecting back sunlight and by causing rain.

**8 Climate Hoax about Control and Taxing

The emissions jihadists will use climate bogeyman to tax the hell out of industries and consumers. We are already seeing this in Europe. Then there will be control on what people can buy, where they can live, where they can travel etc. The COVID pandemic was an excellent trial run for the globalists. Now they will use “climate credits” to control everyone’s lives.

But the same paranoid and hypochondriac people who want to get 10 boosters for COVID have also bought into the gloom-and-doom narratives of global warming. It’s amazing how the 20th century elites are using similar tools that religions used thousands of years ago.

Will the world wake up?

P.S. See my other blog for detailed discussions, data, and charts: Climate Change or Climate Alarmism? A Rational Discussion

— Chris Kanthan