China’s Bullet Train Attendants Are … Hot!

Back in the 1960s, US flight attendants were young and pretty. And then came processed food, feminism, political correctness, wage stagnation and cost-cutting measures by corporations. Well, the last place on earth where you can now find pretty, young, hot, professional female attendants seem to be Asia. Here are some pictures of high-speed (bullet) train attendants from China. BTW, China had 35,000 kilometers of hi-speed railway (HSR) network by the end of 2019. “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has its plus points!

bullet 23
bullet 51
bullet 50
bullet 48
bullet 43
bullet 30
bullet 9
bullet 12
bullet 36a
bullet 20
bullet 40
bullet 14
bullet 16
bullet 26
bullet 8
bullet 7
bullet 1
bullet 13
bullet 31
1st class -3
Business Class in Bullet Train

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