Half the Skyscrapers in the World are in China

China is by far the uncontested leader in skyscrapers, with whopping 680 buildings that are 200 meters or taller. That’s more than half of all skyscrapers in the world. Consider that in the last 4 years (2015 – 2018), China built 310 skyscrapers, while the US built 33. That’s almost a 10:1 ratio! (But, hey, we have to spend $50 billion every year on those military bases in Afghanistan).

Here are the statistics for skyscrapers built in China in those four years:

2015: 62
2016: 84
2017: 76
2018: 88

And here are some pictures:


Shanghai Tower at 632m

Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Center at 599m (in Shenzhen)


Guangzhou CTF Finance Center (on the right) at 530m and Guangzhou Finance Center at 440m (on the left)


Shanghai Financial Center

Shanghai Financial Center at 492m

China Zun in Beijing

China Zun in Beijing at 528m

Suzhou Gate to the East

Gate to the East at 302m (in Suzhou)

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