Syria: 40 Links That Prove Regime Change Plans

Too many people believe the Disney version of what’s happening in Syria — gallant America riding a white horse to save the poor children of Syria from a brutal dictator. The truth about Syria is that the western elites have been trying to overthrow the government for many decades. Everything else is just drama for public consumption.

Here are some links to official CIA documents, WikiLeaks emails, secretly recorded audio tapes, and inadvertent truth-telling from media/political elites that demonstrate the ruthless regime change plans in Syria that involve many countries including the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey etc.

  1. 1956 CIA plot to overthrow the Syrian government (link)
  2. 1983 CIA document and plans to obliterate Syria to enable pipeline (link)
  3. 1986 CIA document discussing Syria and role of Muslim Brotherhood in a possible civil war fueled by Sunni-Shiite conflict (link)
  4. 2001: Wesley Clark told that USA will take out 7 countries in 5 years (Libya, Syria etc.) (link)
  5. 2005: CNN Interview. Christiane Amanpour tells Assad that the western governments are plotting a regime change in Syria (link)
  6. 2006: State Dept cable: Detailed discussion of various strategies to enable regime change in Syria (link)
  7. 2005-2007: US funded opposition leaders within Syria to defeat Assad in the 2007 election. US also funded anti-Assad Muslim Brotherhood groups based out of Washington! (Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Syria) (link)
  8. 2009: US and UK spend millions to start a satellite TV channel (“Barada TV”) to broadcast anti-Assad programs all over Syria (link)
  9. 2009: State Dept Email: Saudi Arabia is worried that a Shiite crescent is turning into a full moon (referring to a possible Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon coalition). Saudi Arabia, therefore, wanted to remove Assad and turn Syria into a Sunni country (link)
  10. 2009: State Dept Cable: Saudi Arabia is the #1 source of funding of terrorism worldwide (link)
  11. 2011: Special Ops from US/UK/Turkey were inside Syria, training the rebels (link)
  12. 2011: Weapons shipped from Libya to Syria after the fall of Gaddafi (link)
  13. 2012: CIA spending $100,000 per “moderate rebel” for training to fight in Syria (link). $1 billion per year in training terrorists.
  14. 2012 State Dept Email: Conquest of Syria means a weakened Iran and this is important for Israel (link)
  15. 2012: State Dept Email: Use Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to arm/train rebels (link)
  16. 2012: Saudi Arabia demands that Assad be overthrown using all means available (link)
  17. 2012: Hillary Clinton receives an email: “Al Qaeda is on our side.” (link)
  18. 2012: DIA (Pentagon) memo: Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists (Wahhabi extremist Sunnis) are the main forces trying to overthrow Assad (link)
  19. 2012: NY Times and others report that most US weapons sent to Syria were ending up in the hands of Jihadists (link)
  20. 2012: Experienced Al Qaeda leaders from all over the world go to Syria to overthrow the government (link)
  21. 2011-2013: 160 military cargo planes full of US weapons were sent to Syria (Sent from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey; then sneaked into Syria across the border). (link)
  22. 2011-2017: 10 links that show collusion between “Moderate Rebels” (FSA) and Al Qaeda or ISIS (link)
  23. 2014: Hillary Clinton writes about Saudi Arabia and Qatar funding ISIS (link)
  24. 2014: 4-Star General Martin Dempsey – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – said during a Senate hearing, “I know many Arab allies who fund ISIS.” (link)
  25. 2014: Oops, USA accidentally drops weapons right in ISIS’ hands (link)
  26. 2015: Top ISIS commander used to be a “star pupil” of CIA in the country of Georgia (link)
  27. 2015: By 2015, more than 30,000 foreign terrorists were fighting in Syria. This is not a civil war! (link)
  28. 2015: NATO Commander Gen. Wesley Clark said, “our friends and allies funded ISIS.” (link)
  29. 2015: Joe Biden says Saudi Arabia and Qatar arming/funding Al Qaeda in Syria (link)
  30. 2015: Turkey-ISIS connections: oil and arms trade (link)
  31. 2015: Amnesty report: Most ISIS’ weapons are from America! (link)
  32. 2016: Israeli Defense Minister, Ya’alon: “We prefer ISIS to Assad in Syria.” (link)
  33. 2016: Israel’s Intelligence Chief, Herzi Halevy: “We will do everything to make sure ISIS does not lose in Syria.” (link)
  34. 2016: Oops, I did it again! US drops tons of weapons into ISIS’ hands again. By mistake, of course! (link)
  35. 2016: Al Qaeda (Al Nusra) leader brags about getting weapons from the US (link)
  36. 2016: White Helmets – supposed to be neutral volunteers not funded by any governments – are actually found to have received more than $100 million from US and UK governments (link, link of Boris Johnson talking about funding)
  37. 2016: Presidential candidate Evan McMullin tweeted that his role in CIA (in 2011-2012) was to convince Al Qaeda in Syria/Iraq to work with the U.S. (link)
  38. 2016: John Kerry in a leaked audio recording explains how the US trains/arms the opposition and was hoping to use ISIS to force Assad into negotiation (link)
  39. 2016: Chapter 10 of the book “WikiLeaks Files” that explains the efforts behind regime change in Syria (link)
  40. 2017 & 2015: Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote two pieces asserting that ISIS is better than Assad (2015 article, 2017 article).

Author: Chris Kanthan   center  Please check out my book “Deconstructing the Syrian War


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