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Weapons of Syrian Rebels – Pictures

Mainstream media’s favorite line is “Assad kills his own people.” The media propaganda is backed up by pictures that always show unarmed civilians, especially women and children for maximum sympathy effect.

What they hide from the public are the enormous military capabilities of the “moderate rebels,” which rival many medium-sized countries around the world. Except for an air force, the rebels had pretty much everything else — armored vehicles, tanks, missiles, rockets, mortars, anti-aircraft guns, chemical weapons and so on. This is how Syria was destroyed. These are the deadly weapons that killed a couple of hundred civilians and created the refugee crisis.

These are not cheap weapons! A tank costs more than $1 million; and an anti-tank missile (TOW) is more than $200,000. Thus you can see that billions of dollars were spent arming these not-so moderate rebels (who ironically get paid about $100 a month)! Who’s the sugar daddy? Saudi Arabia & Qatar mostly. Kuwait and UAE pitched in as well. Most of these weapons were shipped to Turkey and then sneaked into Syria.

Here is a slideshow of some of the weapons of the rebel groups fighting in Syria. Most of the pics were posted proudly by the groups on social media. You can see the flags of all these groups (FSA, Al Sham, Al Nusra etc.).

Note that these pictures below don’t even show ISIS, which had equally or more powerful weapons (most of ISIS’ weapons were American, but that’s another story).

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Author: Chris Kanthan  Check out my book: Deconstructing the Syrian War