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Insanity of Syrian War … From Syria’s Perspective

While we are constantly fed narratives from the globalists’ perspective, let’s take a moment to view the Syrian war from Syria’s perspective:

  1. A foreign government (USA) tries to overthrow your government for 70 years. It tries to fuel sectarian conflicts, imposes sanctions on you, bullies you, and bombs you occasionally
  2. One foreign gov (Israel) invades your land (Golan Heights) and tries to steal the oil reserves
  3. Another foreign gov (Qatar) demands that you let them build a gas pipeline through your country
  4. Then a bunch of foreign governments – some totally un-democratic and authoritarian – send in tens of thousands of terrorists into your country and then arm them with billions of dollars of deadly weapons (missiles, rockets, tanks, chemical weapons etc.)
  5. One set of terrorists (Al Qaeda) steal the western portion of your country.
  6. Another set of terrorists (ISIS) steal the eastern portion of your country
  7. Western media then, in an Orwellian manner, refers to these terrorists as “moderate rebels”
  8. One country (Turkey) loots your most productive industrial city (Aleppo) and then steals your oil by trading with ISIS.
  9. When you fight back against the terrorists, the global media calls you a “butcher who kills his own people.”
  10. After 2.5 years of this proxy war, the terrorists stage a chemical attack and blame you. You give up all your chemical weapons, while the terrorists get more chemical weapons!
  11. Then almost 4 years later, when you’re about to win, the terrorists stage another chemical attack, and YOU get bombed
  12. An enemy foreign gov (USA) builds military bases in your country, just carves up portions of your land and gives it to a sectarian group (Kurds).
  13. Foreign governments that created the terrorists are now in your country “fighting” the same terrorists they armed for 6 years!
  14. Foreign governments bomb your military in your own country and tell you where you can and cannot go.
  15. Even though you never attacked any country, a whole bunch of crazies are destroying your country, stealing your wealth, and demonizing you in that whole process.

Now do you see the insanity, illegality and immorality of the whole situation?

Author: Chris Kanthan

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