Trump and his Supporters Love Communism!

Usually, Conservatives go bonkers just saying the word “Communism.” The word not only triggers them into fury, they also use it as a weapon to demonize others. But, of course, a lot of them have no clue that Vietnam is still a ONE-PARTY, COMMUNIST country! Thus, tens of thousands of loyal Trump supporters liked and retweeted his message that praised Vietnam and its booming economy!

Trump praises Vietnam & its economy

Of course, this tweet also disproves the American myth that “socialist” or “communist” countries are always poor and miserable. Furthermore, Trump recommends communism as a model for Kim Jong Un’s North Korea rather than proposing democracy/capitalism as the model. Was Trump being pragmatic? Regardless, it’s obvious that his supporters — ideological Conservatives — haven’t thought through this.

And it’s not over! Later, Trump was seen waving Vietnam’s communist flag!

Trump Waves Communist flag

But what capped it all was when Trump posed for pictures standing below the statue of Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader who fought the US in Vietnam and who was, objectively speaking, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans!

Trump Ho Chi Minh

Of course, from a pragmatic and diplomatic point of view, it’s no big deal. But imagine if a Democratic US president had done all these! Conservatives would go bat crazy! LOL


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