Syria – Video Collection

Video #1: Sunni/Wahhabi Syrian Rebels Killed 70+ Children in a Suicide Bomb Attack on Buses That Were Evacuating Shiite Muslims.

Video #2: Journalist Visits a Church Destroyed by Islamists who are so hateful they even gunned down the cross and statue of Jesus and saints

Video #3: Al Qaeda (called “Al Nusra” in Syria) Rebel Sent His Young Daughter as a Suicide Bomber

Video #4: Almost all the Syrian Rebels are Fundamentalist Sunnis. Here they kill someone 5 seconds after learning that he’s an Alawite (a Shiite sect) Muslim

Video #5: Fake Syrian 7-year-old Girl From Aleppo — Bana Alabed. She tweets like a Neocon in perfect, sophisticated English along with hashtags, complex words and themes! Her tweets display persuasive linguistic skills of a statesman. She’s followed on Twitter by celebrities and global leaders (like the French president!). But … does she really know English?

Video #6: More Bana Alabed. WTH is she saying?

Video #7: White Helmets Show us how to create ghastly, fake wounds

Video #8: Jihadist Doctor Literally Smells “Sarin Gas” Victims in Khan Sheikhun on April 4, 2017. It was his way to prove that Chlorine wasn’t used. He’s an idiot and a propagandist.

Video #9: Looks like the Sarin Gas victim opened her eyes just a moment too soon. #SyriaHoax

Video #10: One of the few good men. State Senator from Virginia who has visited Syria explains the horrible things that the rebels have done.

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