Syrian rebels

Syria – Video Collection

Video #1: Sunni/Wahhabi Syrian Rebels Killed 70+ Children in a Suicide Bomb Attack on Buses That Were Evacuating Shiite Muslims.


Video #2: Journalist Visits a Church Destroyed by Islamists who are so hateful they even gunned down the cross and statue of Jesus and saints


Video #3: Al Qaeda (called “Al Nusra” in Syria) Rebel Sent His Young Daughter as a Suicide Bomber


Video #4: Almost all the Syrian Rebels are Fundamentalist Sunnis. Here they kill someone 5 seconds after learning that he’s an Alawite (a Shiite sect) Muslim


Video #5: Fake Syrian 7-year-old Girl From Aleppo — Bana Alabed. She tweets like a Neocon in perfect, sophisticated English along with hashtags, complex words and themes! Her tweets display persuasive linguistic skills of a statesman. She’s followed on Twitter by celebrities and global leaders (like the French president!). But … does she really know English?


Video #6: More Bana Alabed. WTH is she saying?


Video #7: White Helmets Show us how to create ghastly, fake wounds


Video #8: Jihadist Doctor Literally Smells “Sarin Gas” Victims in Khan Sheikhun on April 4, 2017. It was his way to prove that Chlorine wasn’t used. He’s an idiot and a propagandist.


Video #9: Looks like the Sarin Gas victim opened her eyes just a moment too soon. #SyriaHoax


Video #10: One of the few good men. State Senator from Virginia who has visited Syria explains the horrible things that the rebels have done.


Video #11: White Helmets Dancing with Al Qaeda in Idlib, Syria. White Helmets are just jihadists in uniforms


Video #12: Al Qaeda’s leader, Abu Jaffir, praises White Helmets as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution”


Video #13: Saudi Military General and Minister Explains How the Syrian Protests Were Armed From the Beginning. The narrative of “peaceful protests” against “brutal Assad” was propaganda. Protesters in the city of Daraa (also Dara’a) were armed from the beginning and got money and weapons from Saudi Arabia and Qatar — shipped through Jordan and Turkey. 


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