The Art of Covert Wars

Many people will be shocked to hear that the “progressive” Obama administration engineered regime changes in Honduras, Brazil and Ukraine; destroyed a prosperous and stable country – Libya; has been waging a bloody war against Syria for five years; has drastically expanded U.S. military bases in Africa; and continues to antagonize both Russia and China, alarmingly escalating the prospect for major wars. And, oh, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, the latter being the longest war in U.S. history.

There are two reasons why the American public is largely oblivious to such facts.

First, foreign policy is rarely discussed in depth in the corporate media or even in the presidential campaigns. World News on TV is just like the World Series in sports– it’s really all about America. Second, modern wars are mostly waged inconspicuously. However, we can’t escape from the consequences – covert and overt wars still cost tens of trillions of dollars, kill thousands of American soldiers, destabilize large parts of the world, turn millions of innocent people into refugees, and create blowback from terrorism.

This article is a discussion of the clandestine strategies used in modern conquest and warfare.

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