Russophobia and Mass Immigration – Tools of EU Globalists

EU has been in the plan for decades. Heck, who wouldn’t like to rule the entire Europe? It’s been the goal since the Roman Empire.

However, to consolidate the Europe into a single “nation,” there are many pesky obstacles, such as countries not wanting to lose their sovereignty. After World War II, the initial steps were purely economic treaties, sort of like NAFTA. Then in 1999, the Euro currency was introduced, still innocently framed as a tool to ease trade and commerce. But the fact is that once you control the money supply, you control nations.

EU jean monnet

So what’s the next step for the supra-nation of EU? A common police force, common intelligence agencies (“FBI”, “CIA” and “NSA” for Europe) and a common EU army.

How do you get people to accept these? You create enemies. You scare the bejeezus of people so that they will scream for protection! It’s called “Problem-Reaction-Solution.”

That’s where Russia and Muslim/African mass immigration comes into play.

External Threat

Use Ukraine to pick a fight with Russia and demonize Russia, turning it into a dreadful, existential foreign threat. Now people will accept missile shields, NATO expansion, more military spending and eventually an EU army.

Internal Threat

Similarly, mass immigration of uneducated, mostly young Muslim and African men from war-torn countries has predictably resulted in a huge spike in crimes and terrorism. Obviously the “solution” to this is creation of powerful, unified police and intelligence agencies. (If you understand Operation Gladio from the 1970s, you’ll quickly recognize the similarity).

Mission accomplished! EU supra state is just around the corner.

Thank you Neocons for orchestrating Ukraine-Russia conflict; thank you CIA for the wars in Syria and Libya; and thank you George Soros for sending the migrants!

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