EU – Authoritarian, NWO Nightmare

Contrary to the mistaken views of many, EU is not similar to trade agreements such as NAFTA or WTO. The EU is an undemocratic and unelected technocracy, created by globalists. EU is essentially a new “country” made out of all the European nations. Through deception and propaganda – and largely without referendums – the European bankers and elites have trapped the European nations in the web of EU.

Below is a quote of Jean Monnet, the “father” of EU, from the 1940s: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what’s happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

EU Plot

Death of Sovereignty

The simple, naked truth is that EU is a Supra State, a modern Empire and a Neo-liberal project that has been created out of 28 countries – including the UK. It also plans to add potentially 14 more countries! It’s a single market of 500 million people – potentially adding another 150 million – that is controlled by one private bank, the European Central Bank. Multi-national corporations can use a single lever in Brussels to control what and how the entire Europe consumes from cradle to birth – food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and more.

Soon there will be EU police, EU army and EU intelligence/security apparatus; then there will be EU lawmakers dictating the budgets and domestic policies of all individual countries. EU’s bullying of Hungary and Poland to accept migrants and refugees is just the preview of a totalitarian future. The enormous difficulty faced by the UK after Brexit also shows that EU is like “Hotel California” – You can check out, but you can never leave.

EU means the death of sovereign nations in Europe.  

End of Prosperity

Europeans were promised prosperity, but a quick look at the EU economy also shows that things aren’t so peachy. In the UK, 40% say they can’t save anything since their entire income is consumed by the basics, and 2.3 million British children (17%) are living in poverty. In southern countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy, the youth unemployment is 40% or more.

Austerity – a nice word for plundering a country – has been the bitter medicine shoved down the throats all across Europe. The Great Financial Crisis of 2008 wrecked Europe and there has been no real recovery for most people since then. On top of these, add in terrorist attacks and the deluge of millions of refugees and migrants, you have the perfect storm of discontent.

The ECB has printed trillions of dollars, created artificial bubbles and bursts, bailed out its favorite banks, sent interest rates into negative territory and forced privatization of vast assets in Greece, Spain etc. Below is the chart that shows how much money ECB has printed out of thin air to prop up the fake economy:

ECB Balance Sheet Assets
The ECB is pushing the European governments into ever increasing debt. As the chart shows below, every country has a higher debt-to-GDP ratio today than in 2007, before the Crash.

EU Debt to GDP 2007-2017
Europeans Know Nothing About the EU!

Who runs the EU? It seems like a simple question, but surprisingly most Europeans can’t even describe the major institutions of EU and how they really work. The average European can’t identify the members of:

  • European Commission
  • Council of the European Union and
  • European Parliament.

You can safely assume that, except for the bureaucrats, not a single European has read the entire European Constitution and the mind-boggling treaties which keep amending it. If you have insomnia, you can read the 200+ pages of the EU Constitution passed by Lisbon Treaty in 2008.

Inherently Anti-Democratic

More importantly, the EU is inherently anti-democratic.

Of all the EU institutions, the people get to vote for only one: the European Parliament. How ridiculous is that? Europeans don’t get to vote for the members in the Council of EU or the EU Commission. For Americans, imagine a system in which you don’t get to vote for the US President or the US Senators.

It’s not surprising that the unelected bodies are actually the most powerful ones in the EU. The EU Commission is where legislation begins. The EU Parliament – the powerless branch that Europeans actually get to vote for – simply approves the legislation or proposes amendments.

And what is a day in EU Parliament like? Imagine a meeting with 751 people who speak 23 different languages. It’s the perfect place to take naps all day long.

EU Parliament

EU Really Hates the Peasants

EU is not “of the people and by the people.” EU’s elites have clearly shown their contempt for referendums and democracy. When Denmark and Ireland rejected the EU constitutions – in 1992 and 2008 respectively – they were made to vote again. As the Belgian Prime Minister famously said, “If the answer is No, the vote will have to be done again, because it absolutely has to be Yes.”

When the Lisbon Treaty (2008) was rejected by France and Netherlands in referendums in 2005, the elites changed the rules and got the treaty approved by politicians. In fact, Ireland is the only EU country that had a referendum on Lisbon Treaty, which passed only after a second vote.

Afterwards, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, made it clear: “There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”

Bureaucratic Nightmare

There are also about 50,000 highly-paid, faceless bureaucrats – Eurocrats – who spend their days devising rules and regulations to control every aspect of an average person’s life.

There are 10,000 Eurocrats who make more money than the Prime Minister of UK! And their compensations, especially for the Ministers, are generous beyond belief, including $200,000 a year salary, income tax as low as 8%, $400 daily allowance for simply showing up at the Parliament for work, $60,000 a year allowance for computers/phones, $400,000 a year for staffing that can include family members, and a whole slew of subsidies for relocation, housing, children’s private schools, healthcare, entertainment etc. Put together, the wages and benefits add up to more than $1 million a year!

But their insular world is open to another class of elites – the lobbyists. There are more than 12,000 registered lobbying groups working the Eurocrats to sneak in favored legislation and rules. Hundreds of US corporations such as Google and General Electric also spend enormous money bribing/lobbying the Eurocrats.

Thanks to this corruption via lobbying, EU has come up with preposterous regulations such as “bottled water cannot claim that it helps dehydration” (someone like Gatorade must be behind this one) or “prunes cannot be sold as having laxative effect” (one can imagine Big Pharma behind this one).

With a great zeal to justify their lucrative jobs, they have come up with gargantuan documents on even simple items such as apples and eggs, with various classifications, precise weight measurements (a “large egg” must be more than 62 grams but less than 72 grams, color specifications (a “red apple” must be at least 50% red) and on and on.

Then someone came up with a wonderful idea of cutting electricity consumption and ordered that all new toasters, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers etc. must use 30% less energy (you know, climate change theology). Of course, people who tried out the new toasters complained that they had to use a toaster four times to brown the bread!

What’s Next?

Globalists will fight tooth and nail to preserve the EU. It’s their ultimate dream that’s been in the works for a century. However, if Europeans don’t wake up and demand extraordinary changes, the entire continent faces a dreadful future.

Using mass immigration and the resulting terrorism as excuses, EU elites will
(a) impose more austerity and
(b) implement mass surveillance and other authoritarian systems.

(As for austerity, you can read my article on how Greece was destroyed. This is the future of most other European countries).

Muslims are not assimilating well in Europe now and, if that trend continues, there will be a parallel Islamic Europe soon, leading to disastrous social and economic repercussions.

And using Russia as the external threat, the elites will vastly expand spending on EU Army and NATO, which will mean more debt and more austerity. And what do you do when you have a humongous military? Endless and catastrophic wars.

Gorbachev was quite accurate when he said, “EU is the old Soviet Union in western clothes.” However, EU is a bit more evil than the USSR in many ways.

Author: Chris Kanthan Check out Syria – War of Deception, my new e-book on the Syrian war, the most consequential war of recent times






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