Rapefugees v. Refugees – A Rational Discussion

Since the mass sexual assault incident in Cologne, Germany during the New Year’s eve, the refugee crisis in Europe has become a sensational and a divisive topic, not only in Germany but in much of Europe. Both sides of the issue will be discussed here, along with some solutions at the end.

Let me start off by saying that this whole mess could have been avoided by a) restricting the number of refugees allowed, as well as b) the type of refugees to those who would cause the least trouble and/or would easily assimilate — women, married couples with young kids ( under 5), people above the age of 45, and those who have unique skills to start working right away. Europe should also turn away “economic migrants” who comprise more than 60% of the so-called “refugees.” In other words, these people are just lying to get into Europe.

But the stupid bureaucrats and politicians of Europe have handled this whole situation in the worst manner possible. As for the New Year’s Eve assaults all over Europe, the initial reaction of officials has been horrifying.

First, the mayor of Cologne told that German women can avoid rape by keeping strangers at an arm’s length. Then a couple of days ago, another mayor said that German schoolgirls should take new routes to their schools to avoid the refugee center. European women are being warned to dress conservatively to accommodate the refugees.

And the following video is NOT A JOKE. Watch this video released by Finland officials on how women can protect themselves from attacks. Since women can’t have guns, Tasers or even pepper spray, this is what Finnish women can do:


Think of the logic behind this whole immigration scenario: someone claims their life is in danger in their own country, so you feel compassionate, take them in, provide them food and shelter, and now they are harassing you every day, and you are then asked to change your ways because they cannot control their illegal behaviors.

Beyond ridiculous.

The refugee crisis is tearing Europe apart – socially, financially and politically. And there are no winners, including many of the refugees who face tremendous obstacles in adapting to a new country, a new language and a new culture. Europeans who were kind-hearted and generous are now often facing social disruptions as some (many?) of the refugees are abusing the system.


How Europeans Welcomed Refugees At First


To make things worse, anyone who complains about the current refugee crisis is called a racist or a Nazi. There are people who take multiculturalism too far and fail to analyze the situation rationally. Here is a brainwashed woman as an example:


Brainwashed Far-Left Groups


Refugees get free money – more than they could ever make in their country; and prospects of finding a job are slim, which means they have a lot of free time to get bored and look for trouble, especially young men.

The legal system and the law enforcement by the police are so weak – especially compared to where the Muslim refugees come from – that it is tempting to take advantage of the situation. For example, German cops are told not to arrest or prosecute refugees for “petty crimes”, which include shoplifting, harassing women etc. (When you are a victim of such crimes, they don’t feel very “petty.”)

Unlike America, the police in Europe don’t carry guns usually and, frankly, don’t even look intimidating. They often look like malls’ rent-a-cop in the U.S. This is fine when people are law-abiding and follow the rules in a society.

Northern Europe has a culture of following the rules and trusting people. For example, when I stayed at a hotel in Germany, I would have breakfast buffet every day at the rooftop restaurant. The strange thing was I didn’t have to pay for it there. The waitress told me, “When you get a chance, just let the front desk (in the first floor) know that you had breakfast.”

Can you imagine how shocking it would be for such a society to have people brazenly shoplift and just walk away with items in a supermarket?

One can argue over statistics, but we cannot deny the shock-factor of such acts. At a smaller scale, many European women have been catcalled and verbally harassed by refugees. Some are called “sluts” for wearing normal clothes such as t-shirts. In more severe cases, refugees have beaten up and raped women.


Rape Victims

There have also been gang rapes, thanks to an Arabic phenomenon called Taharrush which involves a whole bunch of men surrounding a woman/girl in normal public places, dragging her, groping her and eventually raping her. Here is a short video of how this barbaric act is committed (it doesn’t show the rape, just the woman being dragged into a subway). As you can see at the end of the video, there is also a guy talking about how seven men raped a virgin.


What is reprehensible is that the media, the police and the politicians have been deliberately silent about all these problems. Way up in the chain of command, somebody has decided that they need to squeeze in a few million refugees as soon as possible. In normal times, this wouldn’t happen. This is the time of crisis and it’s the best time to carry out enormous social changes. There is definitely some sort of ethno-engineering and redesigning of Europe going on.

Another propaganda used by the establishment to create sympathy is to refer to the
“children” among the refugees. Two problems with this statistics:

  1. Most refugees don’t have any documentation on them. And the European law gives special exemptions to “children” 15 and under. So there are many men who just claim that they are 15 and they get admitted right away. For example, look at the guy – a Somali refugee – below who murdered a Swedish social worker who was volunteering to help the poor refugees. He looks like 30.

    somail murderer

    Refugee who Murdered a Social Worker

  2. Moreover, anyone under 18 is considered a “child.” There are many teen gangs with kids 14-18 who are strong and violent and can do pretty much anything a grown up man can do. For example, there are teen migrants in the largest train station in Stockholm, causing havoc by stealing, robbing, and groping women. Also, some of these kids might have been in the Al Qaeda or ISIS army back in Iraq, Syria or Libya. Although it’s sad they have to go through such life experiences, they are certainly not ready for a normal European life.

ISIS Army of Children

ISIS-Children 2

What if some of these children come in as refugees?


How do we solve this?

First, we have to realize that most of the so-called refugees are “economic migrants” – just going to another country to make more money. Well, there a billion poor people in Asia who would like to come to Europe as well. (BTW, they will be much better migrants – law abiding and hardworking).

Second, as far as the true refugees from Syria and Libya are concerned, hello, it’s America – along with a few puppets – that destroyed Libya and is still destroying Syria with the help of the “moderate rebels.” This warmongering has created more than 10 million refugees, most of whom are trapped in refugee camps in places such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. So, Europeans must speak out against America’s war. And oh, next year, America will be receiving more than 100,000 refugees. Yeah, that’s the same America where 46 million people – 1 in 7 Americans – depend on food stamp (the government pays people so they can buy food). So Americans must speak out against the war as well.

To fully understand the truth behind the destruction of Syria, please read my two articles:

Chaos in Syria, Part I – 3 Motives and 7 Countries

Chaos in Syria, Part II – Destruction, ISIS and Beyond

Third, just bringing in a couple of million people, many of whom are illiterate or uneducated and thus cannot learn, find a job, or assimilate … is the worst immigration policy ever. It doesn’t help the immigrants or the host countries. There are many pockets of towns and neighborhoods throughout Europe that are basically ghettos where the refugees live in their own world, with no chance of integration. Even two years ago, the Swedish police admitted that there were dozens of immigrant ghettos that they – the police – wouldn’t feel safe going into. This is a recipe for social chaos.

From a financial point of view, it’s even more ridiculous when you consider that Europe is in big financial trouble, drowning in debt, and facing severe austerity and unemployment. Greece has a youth unemployment of 55% and the whole country is being robbed ruthlessly by banksters, and yet is forced to accept tens of thousands of refugees. As for Germany, it is forced to spend more than $100 billion over the next four years to deal with refugees.

Fourth, Islam is very conservative in most of the countries around the world. It didn’t always use to be like this. In fact, from the 1930s until the end of 1970s, most Arab countries were secular. Women went to college, didn’t have to wear the Hijab or Burqa … it was a different world. It’s another blog post on what happened to the Muslim world. But the fact of the matter is, right now, it’s ultra conservative, and many people will have a hard time assimilating in western societies unless they come at a young age and don’t live in ghettos. There are crazy, illiterate Muslims who really think they will overtake Europe by sheer population. And there are many Muslim refugees who, rightfully, blame America and the West for all the wars in their countries. Regardless of how much food and shelter you give them, they feel resentment and hatred. The best way to help Europe and the current immigrants who live there is to strictly control the number and type of immigrants  / refugees / migrants as suggested in the beginning of the article, and also immediately deport anyone violating the law.

Fifth, Europe and its people need to send a very clear message that breaking the law will not be tolerated. And every immigrant/refugee must be provided with an ID, finger printed and registered in a facial recognition software database. And, for heavens sake, Europeans should be able to arm themselves with at least pepper spray and Tasers. Small registered guns should also be allowed (after people go through training).

Sixth, we need Democracy. Europe has become a collection of weak nations who just obey whatever the U.S. and the global bankers tell them to do. What a shame. Europeans must stand up against governments that don’t represent the people, governments that impose austerity on Europeans while wasting hundreds of billions of Euros on wars and immigration, and governments that are run by insane bureaucrats and traitors.

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  1. I am one of the strongest advocate of compassion and tolerance. but i must say you are right in most of what you have highlighted in this article. nobody should take advantage of your kind heart. This piece points the many huddles that Europe is facing. As you rightly said , there should be modalities of checking the facts and characters of people calling themselves refugees before they are admitted.

    It feel so sad to learn that some of criminals who have disguised themselves as refugees are taking advantage of women and young girls in Europe. I want to concur with you that the government and politicians are obliged to send a very clear message; That breaking the law will not be tolerated. On this support you. This message should be sent to all governments of European nations; they should be told they have a responsibility of protecting their citizens as well as minding about the plight of genuine refugees.

    Otherwise, i appreciate what you have written in this article

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