Who Controls America? A Partial Answer…

Millions of Americans are excited about the Presidential campaign and fervently believe that their candidate can do wonders. This is perhaps because people are fed the false narrative about how politics really works in America these days.

No, folks, it’s not like a Hollywood movie or a Netflix series (“House of Cards”). The reality is much different and works like this:

  1. Politicians are funded and controlled by lobbyists who also literally write the laws these days
  2. Lobbyists, of course, are controlled by their employers – big corporations
  3. Giant corporations are controlled not by the CEO but by the Board of Directors
  4. Board of Directors are controlled by big shareholders that include billionaires (“activist investors”) such as Carl Icahn and Paul Singer as well as giant financial corporations such as Fidelity, Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street. These four giant corporations pretty much control all the big corporations in America.
  5. Globally, there are only about 147 corporations that virtually control everything! Really! Not a crazy theory. Check out this article from Forbes. (You can also just Google “147 corporations”)
  6. Who controls these four puppet masters? That’s when it goes into the realm of secrecy and speculations. Groups such as Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, AIPAC, Royal families etc. have enormous power and form the “permanent government.”

All you have to know is that your President is like a manager at a local Best Buy store. He may seem like the decision maker, but rest assured he is just taking orders from people he has never met.

So … Don’t get too excited. Don’t #FeelTheBern too much. Don’t get Trumped.


From the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”


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