Geopolitics of North Korea and Trump-Kim Summit

There’s always more to international stories than what’s being peddled in mainstream media. Apart from peace — which the elites don’t really care about — there are financial considerations of international bankers and warmongers, and geopolitical motives of globalists and countries.

Money, Money, Money!

In the event that North Korea opens up, the first thing that globalists would demand is the privatization of North Korea’s central bank, which will then become a member of BIS (Bank of International Settlements). BIS — with a deliberately boring name — is the central bank of all central banks, and is a Rothschild organization that controls the global economy.

Western, South Korean and Chinese corporations are already drooling over the prospects of exploiting DPRK’s untapped natural resources — some estimates put it at $6 trillion — and the labor of the 25 million North Koreans, who will turn out to be very good employees. The infrastructure projects in N. Korea will create many new millionaires.

As for Russia, it will be able to lay new oil/gas pipelines through N. Korea to feed the South Korean economy.

Geopolitics and Wars

One big question is, “What will happen to the US military base with 30,000 US soldiers and the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea?” Obviously, China and Russia would like to see those begone. Although the US always used DPRK as the excuse for the South Korean military base, it will become clear now that THAAD is really aimed at China and Russia.

Also, it will be interesting to see if the US will stop commanding the South Korean military — yes, most people don’t realize that South Korea’s military is led an American general even today! (From the 1950s until the early 1990s, both the South Korean police and the army were headed by Americans). Will South Korea regain its sovereignty after this peace treaty?

Russia and China will be conflicted about this peace summit. On one hand, both will profit from an open DPRK, as mentioned before. On the other hand, Kim Jong Un was a useful proxy to distract the US (think of it as a countermove to what the US does with Ukraine and Taiwan). Both the Russians and the Chinese will fervently hope that Kim Jong Un won’t become totally pro-US in this process.

However, noticing that Kim Jong Un flew into Singapore on Air China is probably an indication that Xi Jinping will have a say in the final US-DPRK negotiations!

00 Kim

Libya Model — Will Kim be Safe?

Will Kim totally denuclearize? And how long will it take? It may take a couple of years to finish the so-called “completely verifiable irreversible dismantlement/denuclearization” (CVID). Also, during this process, warmongers can easily complain about numerous things.

Think about Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad — if they want you dead, they will frame you with false flag attacks, lie and cheat, and will keep accusing you regardless of what you do. When Assad gave up his chemical weapons, the Deep State still accused him of using chemical weapons, while giving chemical weapons to Islamic terrorists in Syria. The treachery is incredible.

Even if Kim survives Trump’s first term, what if a Democratic US president gets elected in 2020 and he/she gets out of the deal just like Trump got out of “Iran Deal“?

Once Kim Jong Un gives up his nukes, he will be enormously vulnerable to regime change ops. His only hope for protection will perhaps be Russia and China. So we have to wonder what kind of deals Kim’s working out with Putin and Xi Jinping for a security guarantee.


The country that hopes for peace the most is South Korea, whose president Moon Jae-in would deserve the Noble prize, along with Trump, if this lasting peace ensures from this summit.

Democracy and Reunification?

Very likely, there won’t be western-style democracy in North Korea right away. Also, North and South Korea won’t be reunified in the near future either — unless there’s a coup or Kim gets assassinated. Absent that, most likely, North Korea will follow China’s model — socialism + capitalism + authoritarian government + partial openness.

Maybe that won’t be too bad compared to living under the threat of nuclear wars …




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