US Foreign Policy is Awful and Embarrassing

Washington elites can’t recognize that a multi-polar world is already here. Worse, the Trump administration keeps constantly stumbling in foreign policy, thus showing the entire world that the USA may not be the almighty superpower. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the US is turning into Rodney Dangerfield of geopolitics.

Here are some recent examples of embarrassing US foreign policy:

USA openly tries to block Nord Stream, the gas pipeline that links Russia to Europe. And the US-led propaganda campaign was non-stop & intense. In the end, Germany & others went ahead with the Russian pipeline.

India and Turkey ignore America’s public bullying and buy Russian missile defense systems (S-400). Then the US threatens to retaliate by blocking the sale of F-35 to Turkey, which now says it may buy Russian Su-57 instead.

India — America’s strategic partner to “contain” China — buys oil from Iran & Venezuela, ignoring US sanctions.

Having failed in Syria & Iran, the bloodthirsty Neocons wanted at least one damn regime change. So they targeted Venezuela and used all the standard strategies — choosing a puppet leader (Guaido), trying to bribe/blackmail military leaders, obvious sabotage of electricity across the whole nation etc. John Bolton, Marco Rubio and Mike Pompeo spend enormous time tweeting sensational propaganda. Yet, Maduro has survived. Now, to rub it in, Putin is flying Russian military and aid to Venezuela; and China has sent medical supplies. The Monroe Doctrine is openly challenged for the first time since the Cuban Crisis.

maduro combined


US bans Huawei & dictates all its allies into doing the same! “Chinese spies are out to get you!!😱😱.” What happened?

Even the UK — a key member of the Five Eyes alliance (five spies alliance) — refuses to ban Huawei and says there’s no evidence of spying by Huawei! Ouch! Then Germany refuses to ban Huawei! Then New Zealand backtracks as well and its Prime Minister is flying to China to meet with Xi Jinping. To really rub it in, Saudi Arabia and UAE — hosts of huuuge US troops — invite Huawei to build their 5G networks.

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone (UK) have publicly warned that banning Huawei will setback Europe’s 5G plans.

Belt and Road

USA tries to sabotage China’s New Silk Road (a.k.a Belt and Road Initiative — “BRI”). Pompeo and Pence — Dumb and Dumber — go around the world warning everyone from Africa to Latin America how evil and conniving China is. The propagandists come up with clever phrases: “Debt Trap!” … “Predatory Economics” … “Made by China, Made for China” … “Constricting Belt and One-Way Road.

Hello! Do the Washington elites and their Presstitutes have any self-awareness?

First of all, other countries know what they’re doing.

Second, the US should make counter offer or keep quiet. If you can’t build highways, railways, airports, dams etc … keep moving along, nobody wants your lectures. Last year, 6,000+ freight trains carried goods between China & 40 European cities. This clock cannot be turned back.

Most embarrassing: the US makes all its demands in public forums, rather than using quiet diplomacy behind doors. Doofus Pompeo threatens Panama publicly, and what does the tiny country do? Panama ignores US threats, welcomes Xi Jinping, joins Belt and Road, and signs 40 bilateral agreements with China.

Similarly, the US government publicly threatened Italy about joining the BRI.

How idiotic! Maybe Washington doesn’t know that many EU countries are already formal members of BRI — Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Poland, Portugal etc.

Well, Xi Jinping visited Italy in March, got a royal welcome and signed huge deals.

Italy ignored the US and signed on to Belt and Road. Plus, Italian PM Conte visited China in April for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Summit (where representatives from 150 countries, including 37 Prime Ministers and Presidents, attended).

As Italian leaders put it, “BRI creates a circle of virtuous growth” and “BRI is a train that Italy cannot afford to miss.”

Then Xi Jinping went to France, got a red carpet welcome again (including at Arc de Triomphe in Paris) and signed a massive deal to buy 300 French Airbus planes!

Two days earlier, Macron had warned that Europe shouldn’t be naive about China’s influence. But now he claims “China is EU’s strategic partner!!!

Even Germany’s Merkel endorsed the Belt and Road Initiative by saying, “It’s an important project and Europeans want to participate in it.”

Everyone around the world realizes the power of China’s economy. And they ignore America’s hysterical reaction.

The entire saga is like that “Distracted Boyfriend” meme.

America needs a proactive, constructive, positive foreign policy in this multipolar world. And the US should stop being so insecure, paranoid and negative. Trump should join the Belt and Road Initiative and work with 126 other member countries to build infrastructure, increase connectivity and boost trade. Also, stop demonizing Russia & picking fights with Venezuela, Iran, Syria etc. We need to get out of the zero-sum attitude & focus on a win-win strategy.

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  1. BRI wouldn’t have worked or even rolled out, if US the hasn’t painted themselves into a corner in weakness in infrastructure building, fiscal position and overdependence on militarism. Thus, no matter how the US react to BRI, it will always be on the losing end of the stick.

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