US blows up Nordstream and German Economy

The US has been waging hybrid wars against Russian pipelines for a long time. Blowing up Nord Stream 2 a couple of days ago is just the latest in that long geopolitical saga.

In the 1980s, the CIA tampered with a pipeline software that was sold to the Soviet Union. The software caused such a huge explosion that scientists thought the USSR had conducted a nuclear test!

In the 1990s, the US armed and funded Chechen rebels — part of the newly formed Al Qaeda — who blew up a lot of Russian pipelines. The goal was to monopolize oil and gas from Caspian Sea. Western corporations had pipelines (BTC) that ran through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

For the last decade, the US repeatedly stopped many European countries from accepting new Russian pipelines. Only Turkey had the courage to defy America.

The two major older routes for Russian oil/gas to Europe were/are through Ukraine and Poland, both of which had turned very anti-Russia over the last decade.

This is why Putin built Nord Stream pipelines, which run under the sea in international waters.

However, starting with the Trump administration, the US kept trying to block Nord Stream pipelines. Sanctions and threats failed to stop the pipelines.

In February this year, a couple of weeks before the invasion, Biden addressed Nord Stream 2. He ominously said that “if Russia invaded Ukraine, there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

The reporter then asked how Biden would do it, since it was a deal between Germany and Russia.

Biden paused, and then said in a villainous manner, “I promise you, we will be able to do it.”

Furthermore, the Maidan Coup lady, Victoria Nuland also said this just before the invasion: “If Russia invades Ukraine … one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

The explosions destroyed both Nord Stream (1) and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. And the attack occurred close to Poland and Sweden — far away from Russia:

The imperialists are so brazen that they openly brag about the sabotage. Former defense minister of Poland and current EU Parliament member, Sikorski, tweeted “Thank You. USA” with a photo of the explosion of Nord Stream!

And on the same day that Nord Stream was blown apart, a undersea pipeline linking Sweden and Poland was announced! How “free market” and capitalism work just like the Mafia.

Few months back, the US and NATO were testing unmanned underwater drones and explosives near the Nord Stream 2 pipelines. US Blackhawk helicopters were also seen flying right over the NordStream pipelines. Moreover, USS Kearsage – an assault marine ship – has been hanging around the area of explosion for weeks.

None of this should be difficult to understand. But human psychology prevents Germans and Europeans from seeing what’s happening to them.

The US must destroy Eurasia to prolong the American Century. It means disrupting Europe’s peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and China.

It means decimating Germany, the economic engine of Europe.

With double-digit inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, and electricity shortage … Germany will be deindustrialized, especially if the crisis lasts for another year or two. German industries, scientists and engineers will move to the US, who will generously accept them.

And Europe will be set back a couple of decades. Already, most European countries — France, Italy, Spain etc. — have had zero growth in GDP-per-capita for more than a decade. Add in inflation, the standard of living will soon be down 30-40%.

It’s simply astonishing how Europeans have no clue about what’s being done to them. The mind control and propaganda are like what one would read in a science fiction novel.