Netanyahu’s Clown Show on Iran’s Nuclear Program

On April 30th, Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, claimed to reveal shocking information about Iran’s nuclear program. He made a presentation where he exposed “Project Amad” — the covert Iranian nuclear program!!

Bibi 0

Bibi’s bombshell revelation is obviously intended to persuade Trump to drop the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) and goad America into a war with Iran.

Let’s quickly analyze the shameless propaganda and its insane lies.

1) The IAEA immediately released a statement clarifying that Iran is in full compliance of the deal. There IS no Iranian nuclear program and the IAEA inspectors have access to all the Iranian sites. Basically Bibi was recycling old, known facts about a program which existed before 2003.

2) The White House also backtracked and said that Iran *had* a nuclear program (in the past). Note that a nuclear “programdoesn’t mean nuclear “weapons.”

3) Bibi’s presentation was a joke. First, are we to seriously believe that Iran would store all its nuclear program documents in a tiny, unprotected, unsecured garage-like structure?

Bibi 3

4) And some childish concentric circles that a 10-year-old can make in 5 minutes … is the proof? And notice how conveniently the Iranian scientists highlighted “U-235” in red? That’s Uranium (gasp)!

Bibi 2

5) Of course, we are to believe that Iran stores all its terrifying nuclear plans on hundreds of CDs … because if you put them all in a tiny USB thumb drive, you might lose it easily 😃 (A 256-GB thumb drive costs $80 and can store 400 CDs worth of data!)

Bibi 1

Netanyahu looks like a guy selling collector’s edition of CDs on late-night television.

For amazing traditional Persian songs, call 1-800-666-BIBI:

Includes #1 hits such as:

🔷 “Netanyahu, the Fu*king Warmonger”

🔷 “I Dream of WW3” &

🔷 “Nuke Me Once, Nuke Me Twice”!

6) This guy has been crying “wolf” for two decades. Here are Netanyahu’s fear mongering claims over the years:

🔷 1992: Iran “3 to 5 years” from nuke

🔷 1995: “3 to 5 years” from nuke

🔷 1996: Iran is a threat to “all mankind”

🔷 2002: Iraq is on its way to nuke … “no question”

🔷 2009: Iran “1 or 2 years away” from acquiring nuclear weapons

🔷 2010: Iran can make a bomb

🔷 2012: Iran “few months away” from WMD nukes!Bibi 5

Netanyahu is a serial, compulsive liar. Israel and the Neocons want to dominate and rule the Middle East and they will stop at nothing. The fantasy of Greater Israel drives them to idiocy and dangerous warmongering.

Greater Israel

The war on Syria is also linked to the war on Iran. The next few years are going to be very dangerous indeed. Either the globalists will back down or will get into a disastrous war with Russia, and possibly China, over Syria and Iran.

Author: Chris Kanthan  center  Please check out my book “Deconstructing the Syrian War


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