11 Strange and Illogical Reasons to Hate Putin

1. Putin is a Dictator, Thug, Authoritarian, Tyrant … 

This line of sensational accusation is repeated so often by the media, pundits and politicians that it has become the “truth.” Granted Putin has more consolidated power than an American President, it’s not clear why this alone would be a reason for Americans to hate him.

For one, a Princeton study proved that the US is not a democracy but an oligarchy or a kleptocracy where only a small group of uber-rich elites control the legislation and the economy.

Also, we are – and have been over the decades – best buddies with many dictators. Here’s a list of 35 notorious dictators, drug lords and fascists that the US has supported in the past few decades.

Right now, in 2017, 73% of all the dictators in the world get military/financial aid from the US!

Below is a quick slideshow of some of the famous dictators schmoozing with the US presidents and their representatives over the decades. These veritable dictators, some of whom killed millions of people, include Stalin, Batista (Cuba), Marcos (Philippines), Suharto (Indonesia), Pinochet (Chile), Saddam Hussein, Mobutu (Zaire), Kiir (South Sudan), Shah of Iran, Saudi Kings and so on (bonus pic: Bin laden).

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And let’s not forget that Putin was a pretty good ally of ours until he started supporting Assad in Syria in 2012.

You see, there are two types of dictators — one who’s cooperative and one who’s not. If he’s friendly to US corporations and banks, and doesn’t mess with our military/imperial goals, he’s our buddy.

Demonizing a foreign leader as a Hitler is a common propaganda tool for US elites:

Hitler scare

2. Putin is an Oligarch who Steals Russia’s Money; He’s worth Trillions!!

Trillions? That must be the Rothschilds. Now, it’s possible and likely that he’s very rich and gets a cut from the Russian oligarchs (although there are no tangible evidences). But why does that bother Americans? Do Americans care soooo much about the average Russian? Well, in that case, maybe we should support repealing the sanctions, which has devalued the Ruble by 50% and has caused a lot of pain for Russians!

It’s also possible that Putin is kind of a monk. He doesn’t drink; he is not a womanizer; he goes to churches and monasteries a lot; and he has built and reconstructed over 23,000 churches and monasteries since year 2000. He has instituted several incentives for Russians to have large families and even gives away a “Family of the Year” award.

Church 2

Church B7

2b. He Ran the KGB!! OMG!

He ran the FSB — it’s like the FBI of modern Russia. And that was for a few months in 1999. He did work in the KGB during the 1980’s, but was a low-level officer stationed in East Germany

3. He hasn’t done anything for Russia! He robs the country! He hurts the people!

Here are some Putin’s achievements

  1. Between 2000 and 2014, Russia’s GDP as well as GDP per Capita increased almost TEN FOLD! (During that time, real wages for Americans were flat).
  2. Increased the foreign exchange reserves and gold reserves to the 6th largest in the world
  3. Kept Russia’s debt to a super-low level (18% debt-to-GDP ratio; compare that to the US with more than 100%)
  4. Made the country less dependent on oil. In 2017, Russia became the largest producer/exporter of grains in the world. Exports of grains in 2017 will be 35 times as large as it was in 2001! He made Russia so strong that it has survived the harsh US/EU sanction for 3+ years combined with the precipitous fall in oil prices.
  5. Russia’s military power has increased incredibly during Putin’s time. Even though Russia spends only 1/10th as much as the US, its defense technology and products are often better than the US. For example, Russia’s SU-35 fighter jets can beat the American F-35, which cost more than $1.5 trillion! Putin saved Syria (hence, defeated the US) and has become the dominant person in the Middle East, befriending many America’s allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc.

4. Russians Don’t Like Putin!!

Umm … that’s a “fact” only in the corporate media bubble. Once in a while, MSM grudgingly admits how popular Putin is. In fact, his lowest approval rating in the past 17 years has been about 80%.

Approval Rating

Approval Rating 2

5. Russia has poverty and inequality!!

Again, how’s this a reason to hate Putin? Anyways, 1% of the world owns half the wealth. Inequality exists everywhere. In fact, the Top 1% in both Russia and the US earn 20% of the income; and Top 10% earn 45% of the income. And both countries have about 15% poverty rate. If you’re concerned about inequality, start with the US where 0.1% have the same wealth as the bottom 90%.

inquality Top 10pct US-RussiaInequality wealth 0.1 pct v 90 pct

6. Russia’s Poor and it’s Economy Sucks!

Again, being poor or poorer than the US is not a reason to hate a country. In fact, Russia’s PPP GDP economy is the 6th largest in the world and is more than $4 TRILLION. Of course, by PPP GDP per Capita, it’s about 50th in the world, but better than Mexico, India, China and 130 other countries.

7. Putin Kills Journalists! There’s no Freedom of Speech or expression!

Journalists do die in Russia and its reprehensible. However, in the last 5 years, a total of 8 journalists were murdered or died in mysterious ways. Compare that to a 5-year period from 1995-1999 when 70 journalists died or were murdered. So, obviously, Putin is not a killing machine. (It’s certainly possible that Putin or his associates have eliminated some opponents. It’s also equally possible that the US Deep State was behind the killing of journalists such as Gary Webb who exposed CIA’s drug trafficking.)

8. Putin/Russia is Dangerous!!

In a 2013 world-wide Gallup poll, the US was considered to be the #1 danger to the peace in the world!! 24% thought the US was the most dangerous country. #2 was Pakistan at 8%. Then came China, Afghanistan, North Korea etc.

Of course, this was before the drama in Ukraine. But fast forward to 2017. After 4 years, the US is still considered the #1 threat to the world. Except for in Europe, the US is considered a much bigger threat in the rest of the world. (Note: The poll was done in only 30 countries, which excluded many pro-Russian countries)

poll 2017 - global threat

9. He Invaded Ukraine, Annexed Crimea! He’s a threat to Europe!!

You can read my article about why the invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea is a nonsensical story and what the real geopolitical issue are really about. As for Russia being a threat to Europe, NATO and the imminent EU army need a Russia threat to justify their existence and the massive budget.

10. Europe Hates Putin!!

No, EU hates Putin. Individual European countries and leaders love Russia and Putin.

BTW, when Macron became the president of France, the very first leader he invited was … Vladimir Putin. The French parliament voted in 2016 to repeal the sanctions against Russia. Many other European leaders and governments have expressed formally and informally the same opinion.

In October 2017, Germany’s president flew to Russia and said Germany-Russia relations must improve.

Endless list of world leaders have flown to Russia in the last three years to meet with Putin. Japan’s PM Abe has met with Putin 20 times; China has become a complete BFF of Russia; India has a close military and economic relations with Russia and on and on.

11. But Putin Rigged the US Election!!

There’s not a single evidence for this.

  • The FBI/CIA/NSA didn’t even look at the computers at the Democratic party’s headquarters.
  • As for Podesta’s emails, the DNC report doesn’t even mention it once.
  • And the alleged Facebook ads for which Russians spent $50,000 over two years before the election … well, just remember that it represents 0.004% of what Hillary Clinton spent ($1.2 billion)
  • And there’s no proven Trump-Russia collusion. After 1.5 years of investigations by the almighty Deep State, there’s not a single proof of, “Hey Putin, can you hack the emails and place some Facebook ads?”

So why does the Establishment hate Putin so much? Why’s there so much intense propaganda? Well, you can read my article on that topic — it’s got to do with struggle for global hegemony, geopolitics and fascinating history going back 200+ years.


Author: Chris Kanthan

Check out Syria – War of Deception, my new e-book on the Syrian war, the most consequential war of recent times)

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