Cultural Marxism Explained

Liberalism in social issues in the last few decades can be essentially summarized as Cultural Marxism. Feminism, civil rights movement, gay movement, political correctness, mass and illegal immigration, and the current transgender movement are all products of Cultural Marxism (CM).

The original Marxism – let’s call it Economic Marxism (EM) – was purely based on wealth/income inequality and it gained influence by stoking class warfare and envy. Cultural Marxism (CM) adopted the same principles but applied them to race, gender, sexual preference etc.

EM: rich versus poor; CM: man versus woman, white versus black, straight versus gay and so on.

Superficially, EM sounded good to the poor: destroy inequality, distribute wealth (Robin Hood theory), and make everyone alike. Of course, in the end, Marxism – in the form of socialism or communism – ends up making everyone equally miserable. Cultural Marxism also has the same end-result. And just like classic Marxism, CM is also very anti-religion and anti-spirituality.

The essence of Marxism and Cultural Marxism (CM) are the same: Victims versus Perpetrators or Powerful versus the Powerless.

The solution is always the same: make the powerful group weaker and the powerless group stronger. However, remember that even in a totally Marxist world, there will always be a group that’s wealthy and powerful. That’s the irony!

CM is not about creating harmony. The essence of CM is divide and rule. It’s about chaos and resentment. If everyone got along with each other in a society, Cultural Marxists become useless. Thus, to justify their existence and hold on to their power, Cultural Marxists need constant conflict.

CM’s strategy involves two tactics.

  • First, rather than simply helping the “powerless” group, CM also attacks and weakens the so-called “powerful” group. This is done through laws, mass media, movies/TV/music, propaganda and social engineering.
  • Second, CM constantly reminds one group of its “victim status” and the reason behind their misery: the “perpetrator” group. To keep the perpetrator group from revolting, CM uses guilt and coercion.

CM started out in the 1920s by fueling the battle of men versus women – this was the rise of feminism. Rather than saying the rich were evil and had too much power and money, the new argument was: men had too much power and money. Patriarchy was evil. It was only fair that women should have equal power. If only women had all the power, money and freedom as men, the society would be great.

Then, in the 1930s and 40s, because of Hitler, many Jewish intellectuals from the “Frankfurt School” in Germany came to the U.S. These people brought in their Marxist views and repackaged them as psychological/ethical concepts – half science, half morality. They were also highly influenced by Freud’s pseudo, wacko psychology. They called their idea “Critical Theory” and, in their own words, aimed to develop a fundamental critique of society, which contemplates the need for an alteration of society as a whole.

Their book in 1950, “Authoritarian Personality,” for example, had a huge influence on the American society (see pic at the end of the blog). Everything they proposed was anti-family, anti-Christianity and anti-tradition — patriarchy, Christianity, tradition, patriotism and God were all portrayed as authoritarian and oppressive. The problem with these pseudo-sociologists/psychologists was that they had sadly been persecuted in Nazi Germany and thus were obsessed with anti-Semitism and prejudice. Seen through this prism of victimhood, they saw Christianity and any amount of racial pride or nationalism as dangerous. Their work is filled with words such as bigots, fascists, prejudice, ethno-centrism and anti-Semitism. For example, just Chapter 3 in this book is 100 pages long and is titled “The study of Anti-Semitic Ideology.” They were very smart but not smart enough to psycho-analyze themselves and see their own biases. Moreover, the fact that they were sponsored/funded by the American Jewish Committee only reinforced these biases.

(BTW, if you doubt, how influential these people are, think about the reactions to Donald Trump. All the histrionic reactions and the language from the mainstream media are straight out of the works of Frankfurt School scholars. Furthermore, one can argue that the entire anti-establishment, sexual revolution and other movements of the 1960s were the products of these scholars.)

Although there were some positive social changes due to CM, there have been many drawbacks as well. The detrimental effects of CM come from

  • 1) The pace at which changes are introduced
  • 2) Division and rancor among various groups
  • 3) Weakening of the social bond and thus individuals
  • 4) Economic malaise
  • 5) Needless/Disruptive Social Engineering and
  • 6) Unintended consequences.

PACE: Rather than an organic and natural progression, CM forces changes down society’s throat. Even if you take women’s suffrage, it seems like a good idea that the US Constitution was changed in 1919 to guarantee women’s right to vote. However, by that time, 15 States in the U.S. already had full suffrage and many other States allowed women to vote in certain elections. Thus, even without the help of CM, women would have acquired the right to vote in the near future.

Similarly, if you look at homosexuality and the new transgender movement, it is astonishing how social mores and laws that have been around for 10,000 years of human civilization are being overturned in a matter of 20 years. Gay marriages are now legal and the fundamental concepts of gender are being challenged (for example, California is now considering officially recognizing more than two genders; and kids as young as 5 are brainwashed to think they are of different gender.)

Mass immigration is another example. In the 1960s, whites were 90% of the population in the U.S. By 1980, whites’ share declined to 80%. Today, under the age of 5, whites are minorities (under 50%)! Overall, whites are 63% of US population now. Europe’s entire identity is also about to change — within a couple of decades, many European countries will have whites and Christians as minorities. Already, Muslim names are the most popular among new-born children in some European countries.

DIVISION AND RANCOR: Has feminism really made the society better? It’s not an easy question, since feminism also resulted in rising divorce rates, delayed marriages, more poverty for women, and decreased fertility rate. (Poverty rates for women at historically high level in 2014!). Studies show that American women are much unhappier today than in the 1960s. The share of single men and women are the highest in the U.S. history, and people are finding it harder than ever before to find a suitable partner. Even with all the advancement for women, CM manufactures fake issues such as “rape culture” and “pay inequality” to fuel the victim mentality.

Similarly, when Obama got elected, the media said that we have reached a post-racial America where race doesn’t matter anymore. Of course, America was “punked”! After 8 years of Obama, we have Black Lives Matter movement and popular African American figures in social media (think Shaun King, Tariq Nasheed) who talk about “white supremacy” every day.

In fact, anti-white sentiments are fueled by CM in academia and media now. People are brainwashed about “white privilege,” the need to eliminate “whiteness,” and much more blatantly racist ideas that can never be said towards any other group.

WEAKENING OF INDIVIDUALS: CM has really weakened the fundamental institutions that held societies together for eons — family, religion, culture, race/tribe, national identity etc. The disintegration of these institutions has resulted in a society where many people fall through the cracks without help from families, neighbors, churches etc. It’s no wonder that 75% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and almost 1 in 4 Americans are on psychiatric drugs. Overall, feminism, multiculturalism, atheism, hedonism and consumerism have made people more vulnerable and disoriented.

ECONOMIC MALAISE: Divorce is one of the easiest ways to become poorer. It’s especially draining on men, but everyone suffers. Fact is that feminism made divorce very easy. This was accomplished by 1) changing the laws for divorce and alimony/child support payments 2) creating welfare programs that replaced husbands with the government as the provider and 3) completely altering the social moral landscape regarding sexuality, adultery, marriage etc.

Feminism also doubled the labor force and essentially lowered the wages for men. In the end, very few people benefited economically since now it takes two wage earners to support a family when one person could do it a few decades ago.

Mass and illegal immigration also reduce wages across the board and increase crime and the number of people dependent on welfare.

DISRUPTIVE SOCIAL ENGINEERING: CM disrupted a social order that was functional – albeit with many imperfections – for thousands of years. What people value, how people think and behave, how men and women interact and love one another, how fundamental social units (families) operate, what it means to be a community or a nation … all have been vastly modified and engineered by the elites in the past few decades. CM destroyed tradition and religion and replaced them with political correctness, morality according to corporate media, and Orwellian control by corporations and governments. Furthermore, mass immigration and what is essentially an invasion of Europe by migrants and Muslims are going to create enormous disruption and social chaos over the next two decades. It’s a ticking time bomb.

Multiculturalism is good to some extent, but too much of it will only lead to a society without unity or purpose. Never in the history of mankind … multiculturalism, like we see now, has succeeded (or even attempted).

CM 2

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Elites don’t care about harmful unintended consequences of CM, since more the chaos, the better. If population decreases because of feminism, great, open the borders. If migrants in Sweden are committing rapes and murders, it only gives the elites an opportunity to experiment on how much mind control they can have on the Swedes (who are taught to pretend that everything is great). If Muslim immigration results in terrorist attacks, so be it — let’s use it as an excuse to increase mass surveillance and introduce militarized police. People are not even thinking through what gay and transgender movements will do the society in the long run.

So how come Cultural Marxism has succeeded so well? Most people don’t perceive the effects of CM because

  • it is marketed very well, with themes of noble reasons and causes
  • the events seem to happen logically, one after the other (for example, transgender movement came right after the gay movement). The steps involved are tolerance, acceptance, celebration and reverse intolerance. That is, first use a mix of guilt and appeal to tolerance. Then demand acceptance – that the new idea is as good as the old one. Then celebrate the new idea as something great. Finally, call the old idea evil. You can see this in feminism, gay movement and multiculturalism where we have reached the final stage when it’s socially acceptable to attack straight white men.
  • the changes are hailed as positive and progressive by the media, Hollywood and the political elites. This gives a false sense of security to people.
  • political correctness coerces people from opposing it or even talking about it.

Where do we go from here? There is definitely a backlash and people in Europe and U.S. are starting to rebel and push back against Cultural Marxism. Trump’s election and the Alt-Right movement are examples of this reaction. Look out for elections in the Netherlands (Geert Wilders) in March and France (Marine Le Pen) later this year. The next twenty years may be the most crucial in the history of western civilization.

REFERENCES: 1. Birth of Cultural Marxism – Frankfurt School  2. Cultural Marxism Explained in 7 Minutes (video)

Authoritarian Personality


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