“Vault 7” from WikiLeaks – Highlights

Here is a quick summary of the major shocking revelations from the Vault 7 files that Wikileaks released today (March 7), after teasing the world for a month with cryptic tweets. The files are about CIA’s extensive hacking tools that are used to spy on people worldwide. You can download the ~8000 files by following the instructions from Wikileaks (see their Twitter account). The password to open Vault 7 is: “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds” which is what JFK said he wanted to do to the CIA!!!

Highlights 1

Highlights 2

Highlights 3

People are going through the files and certainly there is more to be found. Also, new batches of files from Wikileaks are very likely. Julian Assange has promised that 2017 will be even more shocking than 2016.


  1. Excellent summary. Thanks. I would like to comment on this revelation. …..WOW!!!!

    Two questions:

    1. What is confidence level of these docs? I realize that wikileaks has never been found to release bogus docs.

    2. What will this lead to? What next? I think the American people need to see law and order, thus indictments and jail.

    trump has never been wrong yet and this us a real wow moment.

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    1. 1. I personally believe them to be 100% accurate. If WikiLeaks intentionally altered even one word in any document, it’s reputation is gone forever.
      2. I just realized that WikiLeaks called this release “Part 1 of Year Zero.” How many more years? How many Parts for each year????


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