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Modern Healthcare System is Like the Church of the Dark Ages

During the Dark Ages of Europe, the church had an astonishing control over the people and the kings in Europe. This system was underpinned by a masterful level of propaganda. And modern healthcare system is very much alike the religious institutions of Europe’s Middle Ages. Of course, the Catholic Church, based in the Vatican City,

The church’s grip over the society was based on

  1. After you die, you will go to hell or heaven. During your life on earth, you could be hurt by the Satan. If you want to avoid hell or the Satan, you better believe in God.
  2. There is only one God.
  3. To get to that only God, there is only one book: The Bible.
  4. To know what’s in the Bible, there’s only authority: The Pope and the Church. (The Bible was written in Latin, which 99% of the people in Europe couldn’t read. Thus, only the Pope, his priests, and a few people could read — and interpret — the Bible).

This was a powerful propaganda machine. Many people would give their land (wealth) to the church before they die in order to go to heaven. Thus, the church soon came to own astonishing one-third of all the land in Europe. In an agricultural society, that’s basically one-third of Europe’s wealth and GDP.

Modern medical system is following the same strategy of fear, ignorance, and control.

  1. There are all kinds of scary infectious and incurable chronic diseases. And the only answer is the healthcare system of doctors, hospitals and Big Pharma.
  2. There is only one healthcare system and that’s the modern medicine.
  3. All other systems — such as those based on natural cures, herbal medicine etc. are fake and marginalized or banned.
  4. Almost no one outside the medical research community reads scientific papers or clinical data. Thus, science is defined only by healthcare experts of modern medicine.

Trust in Science. Punishment of Heretics

In the dark ages, people just trusted the church. Now people are told to “trust” science. However, the essence of science is questioning the status quo and exploring new ideas. Thus, we have an absurd world where nobody is allowed to question the science, which has been hijacked by money and corporations. Vast majority of published papers have lab experiments/results cannot be replicated by other scientists; yet we just have to trust them.

When Galileo said that the earth was not the center of the universe, the church jailed him. Now, the medical community can ban doctors and scientists from social media, ostracize them, prevent their papers from getting published, sue them, and even take away their licenses. We see this tyranny regarding COVID vaccines now, but this has happened to people who questioned statins (drugs for cholesterol) or psychiatric medications or the orthodoxy about fat. People like Tim Noakes, Nina Teicholz, Peter Gotzsche, and Robert Malone are examples of this witch-hunt of heretics.

There are also gatekeepers in every social media giant — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit etc. — to keep ordinary people from questioning “science.” Extraordinary censorship to maintain the monopoly over knowledge and power.

Maintaining Monopoly

If a solution cannot be patented and turned into a profitable drug, it’s not considered to be “science.” For example, consider this plant below, French Lilac. This has been used in European herbal medicine for centuries to treat diabetes, gout etc.

French Lilac

However, no doctor will prescribe French Lilac for diabetic patients. And no mainstream website (like WebMd) would even acknowledge this plant’s medicinal value. However, Big Pharma extracted the compounds from French Lilac and turned them into Metformin, the #1 drug for Type 2 diabetes!

Another example is Star Anise, a common spice in China, Korea etc. It is an excellent in preventing and curing influenza. Of course, modern medicine and doctors won’t say that. However, the popular flu drug, Tamiflu, is literally made from star anise! Well, now the scientists have figured out how to synthesize the compound called shikimic acid that’s found in star anise. Of course, you don’t need to be a scientist with a million-dollar lab to extract shikimic acid from star anise. All you have to do is to boil star anise for a couple of minutes — in other words, make tea.

More importantly and revealingly, you will never find a claim like “cures/prevents flu” on any star anise product. Why? The FDA wouldn’t allow it. Certainly, the powers-that-be won’t allow star anise to be on the pharmacy shelves under the Cold/Flu section.

Heck, even health videos that talk about herbal medicines need a ridiculous disclaimer saying that “This is only for informational purpose and not intended to be medical advise.” If it can’t be patented and sold by pharmaceutical corporations, it’s not real and there’s no “scientific evidence.” Quite an Orwellian strategy.

Star Anise

Modern Medicines From Plants

In fact, half of all modern drugs come from plants. And the scientists learned about almost all of them by studying traditional medicines in Europe, India, China, and the native American cultures.

Thus, instead of cheaper holistic solutions, people are fooled into spending a lot of money on for-profit healthcare. And just like the people in Europe who gave away their wealth to the church, Americans are handing over trillions of dollars to the “health” care corporations every year. Millions of Americans go bankrupt due to healthcare bills. The US spends 18% of its GDP on “sick” care; and 75-85% of that spending is for chronic diseases, for which the experts tell us that there are no cures. Thus, take pills for the rest of your life and hand over your money. If you want to minimize your healthcare spending, the best option is to work in a big corporation and be an obedient employee.

Henry Kissinger once said that if you control oil and food, you can control nations and people. The new strategy is to control healthcare. You can see this happening with COVID-19 — with laws for mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, forced quarantines, employment requirement etc.

Mainstream medical professionals and Big Pharma scientists act as if they and only they have all the answers. However, they couldn’t even predict that their covid vaccines would fail miserably against new variants. When these high priests cannot defend themselves, they just ban dissidents from social media.


After many centuries, the church lost its extraordinary power when the Bible was translated into German, English and other common languages that people could understand.

Similarly, only a democratization of knowledge related to health, body, disease, wellness, and cures can free people from the clutches of the modern medical tyranny.

-Chris Kanthan (author of a new upcoming book on heath care)