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Voter Fraud: Three Videos That Rocked This Election

Obama made fun of Donald Trump today for talking about “voter fraud” and assured Americans that it is not a real issue. However, it looks like Obama had not watched the two videos released by Project Veritas over the last 48 hours. There was also another video from the same group a few days ago that reveals more shocking details about voter fraud.

Let’s start off by saying that these videos are real and two of the main characters – Scott Foval and Robert Creamer – in the first video have been fired by Democracy Partners today, just 24 hours after the release of the video. Democracy Partners is the “consultant” for DNC and Hillary’s campaign to do the dirty work in the field.

The mainstream video completely ignored the earlier video on voter fraud in New York City. And the media really tried to ignore the new videos that came out in the last two days. Even Fox News cancelled an interview with James O’Keefe, the producer, yesterday. But these videos have been such a sensation in the social media, that the media is talking about today.

The lead guy – Bob Creamer – has visited the White House several times, and Wikileaks shows him planning protests at Trump rallies (documents shown below the video).

This blog has embedded one of those videos and the link to the other two are provided.

The most shocking video first. This is the one that shows DNC consultants discuss how they organized fights and violence in Trump rallies. Of course, if you remember, all those were blamed on Trump and his supporters. They call it “Bird Dogging” and talk about recruiting and training people to go to Trump rallies and start fights.

Who do they recruit? Sometimes mentally ill and homeless people; often times just labor union members. And if those people get injured or arrested, this group will pay for the expenses as well. For more, just watch this astonishing video that shows what a joke election is in America.

Here are the documents on Bob Creamer’s visit to the White House and his emails to DNC planning protests/fights at Trump rallies.



Second Video: You can watch the sequel to this video here: Rigging the Election Video II This video reviews some of the content in the first video and then goes into how illegal immigrants get to vote in the elections. Here is a screenshot from the video to give you an idea.


Third Video: Finally, the last video which is equally shocking and informative but was completely ignored when it was released a couple of weeks ago. Definitely worth watching as it talks about putting people (minorities) in a bus and taking them to many polling sites and vote multiple times! The person who is talking is actually the Democratic Election Commissioner in New York City!

Watch the video on YouTube: Voter Fraud in Minorities Communities. Here is a screenshot to give you a sample of what’s in the video!


So what should happen?

  • All the people in the video should be immediately questioned and investigated by the FBI (voter fraud is a federal crime)
  • Their employer – Democracy Partners – should probably be immediately shut down. All records, emails, phone calls must be turned over to the authorities. Everyone who knowingly participated in these schemes must be arrested and prosecuted.
  • All the DNC staff that recruited these people must be questioned.
  • Their connection to the White House must be investigated
  • Other similar groups and organizations must be exposed and shut down

Will those happen? Don’t hold your breath…