Why the CEOs of Microsoft, Google and Pepsi are Indians

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Not to take away anything from the achievements of the CEOs of Microsoft, Google and Pepsi – Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Indra Nooyi respectively – but there are hidden global motives behind why suddenly three of the most powerful and iconic American corporations are headed by India-born Americans.

The bigger picture here is that America needs India. Really, really bad. For economic reasons and for geopolitical reasons, which will be explained in a bit.

To get what it wants, America needs to earn the trust of the Indian business elites, the media, the politicians and the average Indian voter. For that to happen, America needs strong lobbyists and spokespersons to break down the barriers for American banks, corporations, military and more.

Why America Needs India (5 Reasons)

1. Educated, hardworking, cheap labor: Goes without saying that this is a wet dream for American corporations. Millions of English-speaking young people who are smart and willing to work hard for a fraction of an American worker’s wage. The demographics of India right now is ideal – it has the world’s largest youth population.

2. Rising Middle Class ready to embrace consumerism: There are hundreds of millions of potential addicts of consumerism. They have to be brainwashed similar to what has been accomplished in China, and soon every Indian will want to own an iPhone, drive a car, buy Calvin Klein clothes, and become a debt slave of Visa and MasterCard. America has mastered the art of propaganda over the last century and they can easily do this in India, with one hand tied behind.


Consumerism – Mastered and Exported Around the World

3. Sustain the western Ponzi Scheme of debt: Western countries are drowning in debt. The only way to sustain this house of cards is to bring in new debt – the essence of a Ponzi Scheme. The IMF and the World Bank will be offering tempting loans to India to lure it into the neoliberal economics. Soon there will be stock market bubbles, debt bubbles and housing bubbles in India which has not been a victim of outright boom-and-bust cycles that are seen in America. Of course, this will be done in the name of “free market reform” and “privatization.” It’s modern colonialism with a friendly face. If you want to have a better understanding of this process, read my article on what happened to Greece.

Global Debt-2
US, EU and Japan account for 75% of world government debt. Click to see a bigger image

 4. Huge customer base for Big Food and Big Pharma: Imagine if tens of millions of farmers use GMO from Monsanto; and a billion people ditch their healthy traditional food and switch to American processed food. That will be an ideal scenario for Pepsi (with an Indian CEO) and Kellogg’s and all the other western food corporations. It is also great for Big Pharma since they can sell trillions of pills to help the new cases of obesity, diabetes, cancer etc.  Currently 60% of Americans are on prescription drugs, and that doesn’t even include over-the-counter drugs. Imagine if 60% of Indians find themselves in a similar situation. It will be raining money!


5. (Updated in 2017) Geopolitical ally to counter China and Russia: The recent China-India stand-off in Bhutan, and America’s sudden shift from Pakistan to India proved me right about this article written one year ago!

America is on a collision course with China, having already restarted the Cold War with Russia. For more than hundred years, geopolitical thinkers have talked about Eurasia being the future of the world. If China gets out of the current debt crisis intact and starts building the new Silk Road … if countries stop using the American dollar to buy and sell oil and other commodities … and if Russia has a good trading relationship with Europe and China … then America will soon be a “former great Empire.” So they have to stop this. They need a strong alliance with India, perhaps have military bases in India, and turn India against China. Just like America/U.K. used Pakistan to cause troubles for India for decades, they will try to use both India and Pakistan (and other Muslim countries on the path) to sabotage China’s plan for the new Silk Road, shown below.

silk road

This is why Facebook wants to provide “Free Internet.” It’s not because Mark Zuckerberg is a nice guy. America needs to control the Indian people – what they think, who they elect, and what policies they support. BTW, although Facebook’s Orwellian plan failed in the first attempt, don’t think they are just going to go away.




So that’s the truth. How many Indians can understand this will determine the future of India.

P.S. It doesn’t mean that India has to antagonize America. Here are some ideas:

  • Just have strong boundaries, clear rules, and be friends with all sides – America, Russia and China. Don’t ever allow foreign military bases.
  • Kick out GMO and Monsanto. Reduce processed food and much of Big Pharma
  • Don’t fall for the lure of debt, consumerism and privatization
  • Protect your media, Internet, corporations and other assets (including your culture)

P.P.S. Here is a chart of GDP of various countries over the last 2000 years. Look at India and China. They were the richest countries … until the European colonization started in the 18th century.

World GDP 2000 years

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Author: Chris Kanthan