Russia-Trump Conspiracy Debunked in a Minute

Use these simple Q&A to debunk Trump-Russia conspiracy in under a minute!

Has there been any evidence shown to prove that Russia hacked the election? NO! (just allegations have been made)

Did the intelligence agency ever say that Russia hacked John Podesta’s emails? NO! (the final report (link here) doesn’t even mention Podesta once)

The Intelligence agencies do claim that Russia hacked DNC. But did they ever analyze the DNC computers? NO! (FBI’s headquarters is just a mile away from the DNC office. If Russia was found to have hacked DNC, do you really think that FBI/CIA/NSA  agents won’t be swarming all over the place?)

Has there been any evidence offered for Trump or his staff colluding with Russia or Russian agents? NO! Just allegations have been made. FBI’s Comey said in March 2017 that investigations have been going on since July 2016. Really? After 9 months of investigation, not a single smoking gun?

  • Ex-CIA Director Mike Morell – the guy who wrote an op-ed supporting Hillary Clinton and blasting Donald Trump – said a few days ago that “there is smoke but there is no fire, not even a spark.”
  • Another guy, James Clapper, who ran the DNI – combination of FBI, CIA, NSA and 13 other agencies – said on TV that there is no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign. He is no friend of Trump, either, and he is certainly in the anti-Russia camp. Watch this quick video:

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