Regime Change

Truth About Hong Kong Protests

Watch this 1-min clip from a BBC documentary from 2014. This is how revolutions happen around the world. There’s a lot of money, expertise, logistics, training and propaganda.

Hong Kong protests are and were organized by the West. They have a “school of revolution” where people are taught how to overthrow governments. And the protest leaders get daily/hourly coaching

The above documentary is from 2014 when Hong Kong went through the Umbrella Revolution a.k.a Occupy Central. As the journalist says, it took two years of preparation. And you can see Joshua Wong who was 16 in 2014. Young people are easy to brainwash. He’s now 21 and is the main leader of the protests.

In this video, they show Oslo Freedom Forum, but there are several western organizations that do the same activities. NED is a “non-profit” funded by the US gov. NED openly funds “pro-democracy” activists in Hong Kong, but doesn’t reveal the full amount.

Here’s Michael Pillsbury — a veteran of US foreign policy establishment — calmly explaining how the NED gives millions of dollars to “pro-democracy” groups in Hong Kong:

The above video is from 2014 as well. Now, in 2019, China is more powerful — and Trump wants a trade deal badly — so the US is a little shy and sneaky about the involvement.

But the fact is that NED is a “second CIA,” as admitted by Allen Weinstein, one of the founders of NED. “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,” he said. And NED members in Hong Kong and Mike Pomepo (ex-CIA) met with Hong Kong opposition just before the protests started. Watch this short clip:

Other activities are a bit secretive. For example, the senior US consulate member Julie Eadeh was caught/photographed secretly meeting with Joshua Wong and Nathan law, the two top leaders of the protests:

Hong Kong - Julie Eadeh

Nathan Law moved to the US a couple of weeks ago and now has full scholarship to go to Yale University!

Also, another western propaganda is about “peaceful protesters.” Just like the Al Qaeda jihadists in Syria are freedom fighters or rebels.

Here’s a short video that summarizes some of the violent tools of Hong Kong protesters — (1) sticks and metal poles (2) Molotov cocktails — fill up bottles with gasoline and set it on fire (3) bricks and stones thrown with hands (4) grenade launchers! (5) laser beams that can blind people (6) special catapults and slingshots to hurl bricks at the police and (7) arson/fire:

While the mainstream media keeps describing the protests as “leaderless” and “spontaneous,” nothing is farther from truth. There’s enormous coordination, planning and meticulous execution behind the scenes. Of course, this is why the US gov spends millions of dollars on these “pro-democracy” groups. Check this out:

Below is a protester with a gun. It’s from Getty Images, but I doubt western mainstream media would show it. If they did, they would say it’s “totally justified”! And look at his friends — they are all like Antifa on steroids.

HK protester with a gun

And look at all the dangerous Molotov cocktails the protesters are throwing. In the US, this would probably be considered a terrorist act.

It’s exactly the same playbook as in Tiananmen Square or Libya or Syria or Ukraine. People never learn. And such shenanigans don’t help the US in the long run. Do we like it if Russia meddles in our affairs?

Not far in the near future, the US won’t enjoy its hegemony, and I suspect that a lot of countries would seek revenge.

Final Note: There are a couple of reasons why these protests have some support in Hong Kong:

1. Hong Kong has five times as many billionaires-per-capita as the US!! These crooked oligarchs and tycoons are afraid of losing their wealth and getting prosecuted by China. Some of them like Jimmy Lai (who owns a profitable anti-China tabloid) openly collude with Washington.

Jimmy Lai with John Bolton

2. Hong Kong has a poverty rate of 20% and the rent takes up much of the income for half the population. (link). The real-estate tycoons deliberately maintain a housing shortage. For the last 9 years, Hong Kong has been the least affordable place for housing in the world!

3. Hong Kong people used to look down upon their poorer cousins in China. But in the last 25 years, facts changed dramatically! In 1993, Hong Kong was 27% of the Chinese economy; but it was mere 2.7% in 2018. This may result in jealousy and resentment among some people, including the tycoons.