Washington Post is the “John Miller” of Jeff Bezos

Washington Post has come out with an alleged audio recording from 1991 of a “John Miller” who claimed to be Trump’s spokesman and talked to reporters on the phone. The Post claims that this person was in fact Donald Trump himself. In this recording, John Miller is heard putting a positive spin on Trump’s finances and the divorce settlement that Trump was going through at that time.

The alleged recording does sound a little bit like Trump – the accent, the cadence, and the use of words such as “tremendously,” all sound like Trump. At the same time, the audio is quite garbled, with a lot of background noise.

Before we delve into this topic further, let’s remember that Trump was a celebrity who the New York tabloid world was obsessed with in the 1980s and 1990s. These were relentless magazines who would do anything to get a titillating story about Trump.

Trump Tabloid

Moving forward from 1991 to 2016, there are two questions here regarding today’s sensational Washington Post’s story:

  1. So what if it was Trump on the phone?
  2. Isn’t Washington Post acting as a “John Miller” on behalf of Jeff Bezos, its owner and also the CEO of Amazon?

As for Trump possibly impersonating his non-existent spokesperson, it is certainly not illegal. Or even unethical. The people who were getting information from John Miller or a John Barron were tabloid reporters who couldn’t care less. In fact, they probably suspected it was Donald Trump on the phone! After all, if it’s so easy for us to recognize some of the similarities in the voices 25 years later, those clever journalists must have thought the same back in 1991. That’s why they secretly recorded their phone conversations with John Miller!

Also, any real reporter who does his due diligence would have tried to verify the identity of John Miller rather than just accepting tips from a stranger on the phone. The reporter could have simply said, “Let’s meet in person at Donald Trump’s office.”

But there is something much bigger than this John Miller-Donald Trump story. That is the story of how Washington Post is acting as the public relations spokesperson for Jeff Bezos, it’s owner and also the founder of Amazon.

When you read an article in Washington Post, you might as well imagine a footprint note that says: I am Jeff Bezos and I paid for and approved this article.

There is a reason that Bezos is afraid of Trump. Bezos is the ultimate globalist who has gained tremendously from the trade deals such as WTO which opened the gates to cheap labor and cheap products from China, while destroying American jobs.

Trump, of course, has been railing against such trade deals all through his campaign as well as for many decades, as noted in my previous blog “Top 10 Reasons for Anyone to Support Trump.”

To put it lightly, Trump is a threat to the Amazon Empire. And the Walton Empire. And the innumerable giant corporations who have benefited from globalization and endless wars in the Middle East. That’s why when Bezos bought Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million, it was the single best investment he had ever made. The media is the ultimate propaganda machine to mold the public opinion.

Washington Post constantly spews propaganda about the glories of globalization as well as perpetual wars. This newspaper is a giant outlet for Neocon think tanks and warmongers, constantly demonizing one foreign leader after another. It enthusiastically supported wars in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, constantly attacks Putin, champions all the pet projects of the military industrial complex, promotes NATO expansion and sells Imperialism to the American public under the guise of spreading freedom and democracy.

Since Trump became a viable candidate late last year and exposed the fallacies of “free trade” and unnecessary wars, Washington Post has been on a constant, vicious attack against him. Every day, it publishes four or five anti-Trump articles.

When Trump stood up against globalism and Imperialism, he became Public Enemy #1 for Jeff Bezos and his friends. In fact, after Trump’s landslide victory on Super Tuesday in March, a whole bunch of billionaires, CEOs and politicians met secretively and discussed how to stop Trump!

pro Trump - Globalism

Now, Washington Post – Jeff Bezos’ personal spokesperson and propaganda tool -has twenty journalists assigned to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, thus sadly turning into an icon for yellow journalism. This John Miller story is the first outcome of this pet project.

A fake spokesperson putting a spin on Trump’s divorce to tabloid magazines 25 years ago is just another tabloid story that is meant to distract and dis-inform. This story has no real value or substance. The truly terrible and dangerous story is billionaires such as Jeff Bezos are buying reputable newspapers and turning them into propaganda machines for globalists and warmongers, thus endangering America’s prosperity and security.