The Big Lies About Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Every mainstream narrative about Russia and its war on Ukraine is a mix of blatant lies and propaganda. And the U.S. social media giants like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. act as state-controlled thought police. Thus, anyone who effectively debunks the obvious anti-Russian lies gets quickly banned — Scott Ritter and Pepe Escobar being two recent egregious examples. Just like financial sanctions and theft of foreign exchange reserves are eroding the status of U.S. dollar, the blatant censorship and information manipulation are proving that U.S. social media are not worthy of being global tools of communication.

How long this charade can continue is yet to be seen. However, for those interested in geopolitical reality, here are some of the top American/Western lies about the Russian war on Ukraine.

“War Crimes”

This is America’s favorite war propaganda — think about Gaddafi killing his own people … Gaddafi’s soldiers using Viagra to rape women … Assad using chemical weapons … Saddam throwing babies out of incubators and so on. This atrocity propaganda goes back all the way to even the Spanish-American war, when cartoons were used to drum up support for the war.

The fact is that Ukrainian soldiers and Nazis are committing all kinds of war crimes, including ISIS-like propaganda videos and actually crucifying or burning Russian soldiers alive. Ukrainian military is also killing “collaborators” and any pro-Russian officials. Pro-Russian lawmakers in Ukraine have been arrested and tortured as well.

Russia is actually fighting to minimize civilian loss. Consider how the U.S. waged war on Iraq — there were 72 days of constant bombing with missiles and planes before most American troops went into Iraq. Many Iraqi cities were flattened; and America used horrific weapons like depleted uranium, which is still causing birth defects in cities like Fallujah. Similarly, in Syria, the U.S. destroyed cities like Raqqa, where countless civilians were massacred.

Compared to the U.S. strategy, Russia has been extremely careful and is willing to take a lot of risk/loss in avoiding civilian losses. Even the Nazi militias in Mariupol were allowed to surrender and are being treated according to international laws.

Furthermore, what the mainstream media does not point out is the fact that Ukrainian military and militias use schools, hospitals, malls etc. as military outposts or weapons storage. Also, they place tanks and rocket launchers in civilian areas, and then cry about Russian bombings.

Nazi Denial

Over the last decade, numerous articles were published in Western media about the rise of Nazism in Ukraine.

Nazi collaborator Stephen Bandera has been turned into a national hero in the recent years, his statues are everywhere, his birthday is now a national holiday, and national stamps have been printed to celebrate him. (This guy literally joined Hitler’s army and participated in the Holocaust).

Ukraine’s creme-de-la-creme militia, Azov battalion, blatantly uses Nazi symbols such as Hitler’s SS division logo, the black sun, skull and bones and numerous other logos that are sometimes just slightly modified.

On Instagram, Ukrainian comedian puppet President posted a photo of a soldier and then was forced to delete it after people pointed out to a Nazi insignia on the soldier’s uniform.

However, all that is being pushed into the Orwellian memory hole. Instead, Nazi militias like Azov Battalion are glorified. And the big excuse for all the denial is that Ukraine’s president is Jewish. Hello? It’s called geopolitics. Here’s Zelensky presenting an award to a Nazi militia leader:

BTW, Israel also armed, funded and even treated ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. As for Ukraine’s nationalists and Nazis, the CIA has been working with them since the 1950s. Look up “Operation Aerodynamic.”

Ukraine as NATO’s pawn

If Ukraine becomes totally anti-Russia and a part of the US/NATO alliance, then Russia will lose Crimea and control of Black Sea. Thus, a hostile Ukraine is an existential threat to Russia. This is why American geopolitical mastermind, Brzezinksi, wrote in his book “The Grand Chessboard” in the 1990s that the US should bring Ukraine into NATO. In fact, his book is so important that the PDF version is on CIA’s website! And here is an excerpt from the book that spells out how to weaken Russia by pulling Ukraine away:

People who claim that Ukraine is a sovereign nation and can do whatever it wants are playing dumb. Consider, for example, how the U.S. and Australia are threatening to bomb/invade the tiny Solomon Islands if it allows a Chinese military base!

The USA not only has had Monroe Doctrine that has been controlling Latin America for 150 years, but also strategically controls or tries to control Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. There is no part of the earth that the U.S. does not want to control. America wants “full-spectrum dominance.” However, Russia is supposed to have no sphere of influence and act like a wimp.

Ukraine’s puppet leaders have talked a lot about joining NATO and even acquiring nuclear weapons. They even amended the constitution a couple of years back to include NATO membership as a goal.

Ukrainians hate Russia

This is another big lie. Even in 2010, Ukraine voted for a pro-Russia President. About 40% of the population are ethnic Russians. Thus, obviously, they are pro-Russia. And many Ukrainians were neutral or had positive feelings about Russia. The USSR even had a Ukrainian leader — Khrushchev. The hardcore nationalists and Nazis would have remained a fringe group if it were for the US support.

Just like Crimea, many regions in Ukraine are now going to have referendums to join Russia. Some Ukrainian cities like Kherson have already switched their currency to Ruble. On May 9, Victory Day, this year, many cities in western Ukraine had pro-Russia parades.

“Unprovoked Invasion”

Western media portrays Putin as a mad person who’s trying to conquer Europe. Such hysterical lies. Ukraine has been provoking Russia for more than 15 years. Here’s a synopsis:

  • U.S. color revolution in 2004 overthrew the winner of a presidential election (because he was a bit too pro-Russia).
  • Since 2005, the U.S. has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on building 25+ new biowarfare weapons in Ukraine.
  • In 2014, the U.S. staged a coup in Ukraine and dramatically altered Ukraine’s destiny and nature. Once again, a democratically-elected pro-Russia President was removed illegally by the West. Nazism was then allowed to flourish and Nazi militias were trained and heavily armed by NATO countries.
  • Anti-Russian hysteria was promoted — like banning Russian as an official language, banning media and websites in Russian language, killing people of Russian ethnicity, bombing separatists in Donbas and killing 14000+ civilians.
  • Billions of dollars of weapons poured into Ukraine over the last decade.
  • There were all the signs that Ukraine was ready to invade Crimea and Donbass.

If Russia had waited for Ukraine to make the first move, Russia would have lost Crimea and Donbass. The West would have staged a false flag attack anyways to justify the attacks.

All the recent lies about Mariupol (“Russia bombing a hospital”) or Bucha (“Russia massacred civilians”) are examples that American media and foreign policy establishment can come up with any lies and make them real. So, why would Putin wait for the attacks and then try to assemble an invasion? It would be too late and too costly.

So, Russia did the only sensible and logical thing. Of course, it was a tragic decision that has pushed the world towards a nuclear war and/or WW3.

All these are happening simply because the U.S. wants to maintain its global hegemony. The U.S. tried to cripple China (public enemy #1) during Trump years but that failed. So, now the second option is to cripple Russia, the #2 enemy. Stupidly, Europe is going along with this plan. However, Europe’s economy will be devastated by this American proxy war.

The USA has two proxy idiots/puppets fighting Russia — Ukraine and the European Union.

How will this end? Hard to tell. If Russia can win the battles in big cities like Kharkov and Odessa, it can split Ukraine in two. That will be a major victory, at least in the near term. By the end of this year, we will have a clearer picture of who the winner is.

— Chris Kanthan