ISIS – the dumbest story ever told

America is scared and angry at the monster-du-jour. ISIS – another crazy, Jihadist, Muslim group that might unravel the amazing adventure of America that took ten years and trillions of dollars; a ragtag bunch of rebels sweeping Iraq and beheading Americans left and right. OMG, it’s time to invade Iraq AGAIN and stop this existential threat before they invade America and convert all of us to Islam!

It’s amazing how the media is peddling yet another story that wouldn’t pass for a cheap, B-rated Hollywood plot. But that’s all it takes to convince Americans who believe that reality shows are real. 73% now think Obama doesn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS and 30% support sending troops to Iraq

Okay, so what’s wrong with the ISIS story? Haven’t they beheaded two Americans? Haven’t they taken over vast portions of Iraq? Haven’t they threatened America?

The answers to those questions are 1. A lot 2. Maybe 3.Maybe 4. Yes

Here is what is wrong with the ISIS story. Let’s start with the two videos.

In the first video, experts agree that it was staged. The victim never gets beheaded in the video! The guy moves the knife back and forth but doesn’t actually slash the throat. Can you believe that the guys who want to prove that they are barbaric and want to scare Americans … made a propaganda video where they did not do what they want you to think they did? They would go to the extreme length of using editing software? Was the guy afraid that the blood might get on his Halloween outfit?

As for the second video, it was not released by ISIS to the American media. The video was released to media outlets for a handsome fee by a group called SITE. Who runs it? A woman named Rita Katz who, coincidentally, happened to have been a member of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). And her father was an Israeli spy who was caught and killed in Baghdad. Furthermore, the second video also seems staged since clothes of the guy seems to flap in the wind wildly while the desert sand around him is still. Too many weird things…

Let’s look at other facts around ISIS.

* They are funded by friends of the U.S. – Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. These are all puppet kingdoms of America. They don’t go around funding rebel groups without thorough vetting by the U.S. and Israeli military intelligence. The U.S. also has been supporting Syrian rebels for about six years now, with Senator John McCain bonding with many of them and posing for many pictures. Trucks and weapons given to “moderate rebels” are constantly ending up in ISIS’ possession (source). How surprising!

* Have you noticed how these guys are threatening America, Europe and Russia? But not the most obvious, nearest, most-hated enemy – ISRAEL! Hello, what kind of incompetent jihadists are these guys if they don’t attack their mortal, bitter enemy who is just across the border from Syria? Hmmm…maybe as many alternative news sites are claiming, ISIS is trained and controlled by Israel? Israel does have a long history of arming and controlling extreme groups. It’s complex but you can read this article to understand the geopolitical and military strategies for doing this. Also, ISIS used to be called “ISIL” where L stood for Levant – which is an ancient term that includes Israel. Oops, that mistake was quickly fixed.

* And how many times in the last few months have you heard Iraqi forces and military fighting ISIS? Rarely! The Iraqi leader who wanted to fight ISIS was removed by the U.S. last month on the excuse that he was not doing enough! He was replaced by a new guy who is letting ISIS roam around with no resistance. 

* And how about all the logistics? How credible is it that a few thousand people have taken over a land the size of the United Kingdom? And what happens when they leave a town? Do they leave a 100-ft tall ISIS giant who will keep the town in check? In most of the pictures, they don’t even have uniforms and they look like dorks with guns, some beaten up trucks and an ancient mini-tank. WTF!

All that said, that ISIS is real and, yes, they are armed rebels who are vicious thugs. But they are thugs who can be neutralized by Iraq. Or Iran. Or Syria. IF … if the “powers” don’t interfere.  

In Syria, the govt is bad because it fights the rebels.
In Ukraine, the rebels are bad because they fight the govt.
The West will make up its own hypocritical, moral rules and impose them everywhere because … it can.

So, let’s stop the propaganda; let’s stop freaking out, and let’s put an end to wasting our money on endless, manufactured wars.



  1. Don’t forget that ISIS is fighting against Syrian regular military forces and Iranian regular military forces. Which two countries are Israel’s biggest regional enemies? Syria and Iran. And I agree with you, when ISIS never attacks Israel, just like al queda never attacked Israel, one must ask the obvious: Cui Bono?

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  2. Yes ISIS is Israel.
    ISIS , ISIL , whatever are just bunch of untrained clowns with guns. Nothing more. They don’t get enough training to really be a threat to any country.
    Most are from France, England, Canada, etc.
    ISIS is a joke don’t worry about them.


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