Real State of the Union – 2016

If you can’t/won’t watch Obama’s awesome final State of the Union address, here is a quick summary:
1) America is bitterly divided on politics and social issues
2) Americans are broke, labor participation is the lowest in 45 years, full-time jobs are hard to come by, young people are drowning in debt and old people have no savings
3) The rich are fabulously richer than ever before, with the top 0.1% having as much wealth as the “bottom” 90%
4) 46 million Americans are on food stamp, and the middle class is choking under Obamacare
5) Lots of economic bubbles are at their peaks and ready to burst – stock market, housing, auto loans, student loans etc. This will be a memorable year
6) The world is a much more dangerous place, thanks to the new Cold War with Russia and China; and unnecessary destructions of Libya, Syria and Ukraine
7) By this time next year, America will have $20 TRILLION of ginormous unpayable debt, having risen 100% during Obama’s presidency
God bless and have a wonderful night!


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