12 Questions that Americans Should Ask Hillary Clinton About Her Emails

During the Commander-in-Chief Forum of NBC News, Matt Lauer spent almost 10 minutes on Hillary Clinton’s emails, but failed to ask the really important questions. Here is a list of 12 questions that he should have asked. In fact, every American voter should demand answers to these questions.





Commentary on NBC News’ Forum

The entire Establishment class is mad at Matt Lauer for not bringing down Donald Trump! The form was focused on military and national security, the one area in which Hillary Clinton was supposed to outshine Trump. After all, she was the Secretary of State for four years and served in the Senate Armed Services Committee for many years. This is the kind of forum that was supposed to demonstrate beyond any doubt that she is the Presidential material and Trump is a clueless joke.

Alas, it didn’t quite workout that way. Pundits started ripping apart Matt Lauer on social media before the forum was over, because it was obvious Trump won the debate. The Establishment’s narrative has always been Trump is an idiot. So if he won the debate, it must be the fault of the moderator!

With more than 66,000 votes cast online, the public also thinks that Trump was the clear winner. Sad day for the Establishment!



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