Hey Google Employees Protesting Trump…

Google employees are protesting Trump’s (non-existent) “Muslim Ban.” Google is supposed to be full of extremely smart people, so I have a few quick questions to ask them.

Does Google allow anyone to just walk into their campus or the buildings without? Does Google have security guards and strict ID rules?

Does Google employ anyone without an interview? (Correct me if I am wrong, but Google is one of the hardest companies to get a job with). Does Google reject potential employees after an interview?

Does Google have “illegal” employees – people who just snuck in, took up a cube & started working?

Does Google have any welfare employees – people with no skills getting salaries?

Does Google hire people out of pure sympathy?

Does Google hire refugees to prevent them from blowing up Google bldgs.?

Does Google give permission to its managers to hire unlimited number of employees?

Does Google ever have a hiring freeze?

Does Google ever fire people?

Do Google employees protest, shouting, “We are a corporation of employees,” whenever there are layoffs or the management refuses to hire more people?

If you are a Google employee, please let me know the answers.

(You get gist of this blog post. Google is a very successful and a profitable only because it has very strict standards. America has to act more like Google in order to be successful – with some exceptions, of course, since a country is different from a corporation and cannot perform certain actions as firing people. However, America has become very dysfunctional regarding illegal immigrants, people on welfare, refugees etc.)

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