GOP Memo Reveals Conspiracies Worse Than Watergate

Republican Nunes released a memo on Friday that revealed many shocking conspiracies and illegal activities that lead to court-authorized spying on Carter Page, an informal adviser of Trump campaign in 2016.

Furthermore, the FISA court was weaponized to obtain a warrant whose purpose was to create an air of suspicion and doubt about Trump a week before the election. The warrant would cement the notion of Trump as a Putin puppet. This was very likely the “insurance policy” that the FBI agent Strzok had mentioned in text messages to his mistress, Lisa Page.

To give an analogy, imagine if Nixon had forged evidences and used those to obtain permission from the court to break into the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.

The primary evidence used to obtain the FISA (spy) warrant was the Steele Dossier. Andrew McCabe (Deputy FBI Director) testified that there would be no FISA warrant without the dossier. Obama’s DOJ also “extensively used” a Yahoo story as an independent corroboration of the Steele dossier. The problem? The Yahoo story was based on the dossier!

Get it?

  1. Pay someone to write a scandalous memo.
  2. Pass the memo to a journalist (Michael Isikoff) who then writes a news story.
  3. Now go to the FISA court and say, “Your honor, we have a reputable, objective British spy who wrote this memo. We also have a reputable journalist who has access to the same information. Thus we have sufficient grounds to suspect that Trump and his advisers are compromised by Russian intelligence. Give us the permission to spy on them!”
  4. Also, leak information to the media that Trump is being monitored under FISA warrant

This required so many anti-Trump people to collude and conspire. See picture below:

MemoGate 3

Christopher Steele Lacks Credibility:

Steele is a rabid anti-Trump spy who, in his own words, was “passionate about stopping Trump.” (Steele said that to Bruce Ohr, the DOJ official who also hates Trump. And Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS and acted as a conduit between the firm and the DOJ).

Steele also got paid $160,000 by DNC/Clinton via the research group called Fusion GPS. Finally, Steele has a long working relationship with the FBI. Thus he was far from an objective spy.

The Steele Dossier lacks Credibility:

Steele’s pee-pee dossier was so preposterous and full of lies and unverifiable claims that none of the mainstream media published it before the election. Even James Comey (FBI Dir.) called it “salacious and unverified.”

  1. The Steele dossier was just words. It didn’t include any documents, photos or other evidences that would substantiate the claims.
  2. The dossier had many errors, such as repeatedly calling the Russian Alfa Group as “Alpha Group.” No real Russian expert would make that mistake. It’s like a financial analyst spelling Citibank as “Citybank.”
  3. The dossier had many ridiculous false claims. One of them was that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, went to Prague in Aug 2016 to meet with the Russians. But Cohen never left the country in 2016! Another crazy claim was the Putin promised 19% of Gazprom — the Russian natural gas giant — to Trump or his adviser as a bribe for removing Russian sanctions. Fact is that Russia sold those 19% of shares to Qatar, which then later on sold it to China. This was done to raise desperately needed cash.
  4. Of course, nobody in the right mind would believe that Trump had prostitutes urinate on his hotel bed. And the dossier’s claim was that Trump did it because Obama had slept on the same bed four years before. This is so dumb that there are no words to describe this idiocy.

The entire saga also reveals the toothless nature of the FISA courts which act as mere rubber stamps for the executive branch.

Thus, many partisan people from the DOJ and FBI colluded with the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to frame Trump and stop him from getting elected. The crimes are numerous:

  1. Falsifying evidence
  2. Lying to the FISA court
  3. Election interference
  4. Illegal wiretapping

Andrew McCabe has resigned; Strzok and Ohr have been demoted; Comey was fired; and Yates resigned. But who’s going to jail?


Author: Chris Kanthan 


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