Debunking BuzzFeed’s Russia Dossier

Democrats and the Establishment have become so unhinged that debunking ridiculous rumors can turn into a full-time job! The latest brouhaha is over a 35-page dossier on Putin’s role in hacking the DNC and his power to blackmail and control Trump. (Gasp!) CNN reported on this on Jan 10 and a few hours later, BuzzFeed published the full dossier. Immediately, the social media went absolute nuts and Hillary supporters were once again shouting “treason” and “impeachment.” God help us.

#1. First of all, see how BuzzFeed reported on this:


So, an unknown guy claims to be a British spy and gives a memo that makes allegations with no proof … and the mainstream media accepts it. This doesn’t even pass the basic journalistic standards and which is why slightly more respectable outlets such as the New York Times didn’t publish it. BTW, this memo has been around for months and well known among media and intelligence circles.

#2. Even a quick look at the dossier raises a lot of suspicions. One, there is no real letterhead with a name of any specific corporation/group. Instead, it has a generic title of “Company Intelligence Report.” There is also no specific date on when the document was written; and almost no specific dates mentioned throughout the memo. No real MI6 agent would write a report like this. Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that the memo was written by an American – looking at the style, choice of words, spellings etc.


#3. There is clear evidence that the dossier was written as a prank. For example, one paragraph asserts something so preposterous, I will translate that into a mini narrative.

Trump goes to Moscow in 2013 for Miss Universe contest. He checks into Ritz Carlton and checks into a beautiful suite. Then, to his horror, somebody tells him that was the exact room where Obama stayed four years ago! Trump is so disgusted by this thought. He has to stay in the same room as Obama? And sleep in the same bed that Obama slept four years ago? He is furious and loses his mind! He wants to defile everything that is connected to Obama. So he tells his handlers to order a bunch of prostitutes. When they come over, he tells them to pee on the bed that Obama slept in.

This is like an insane scene from a gross, B-rated movie like Borat. (BTW, the term for such acts is “golden showers”). The fact that BuzzFeed or CNN can’t figure this out and reject the dossier outright is a depressing verdict on our media.

Even scarier is the assertion that this dossier has not been debunked by U.S. intelligence officials. The claim that a former British intelligence agent wrote it might very well be a face-saving lie by the CIA/FBI. The day after the report, Wall Street Journal first reported that a guy named Christopher Steele is the ex-MI6 agent who wrote it. Then Telegraph reported that the guy – who lives in London – has gone into hiding because he is afraid that Putin might kill him! It’s so laughable and even the name “Steele” is from a spy comic series called the Illegitimates.

#3. There is some evidence that the origin of this dossier was a prank. People on 4Chan – a wild west of social media – were talking about fooling the media with a crazy report on Trump and sex orgy even before the election.


So, it looks like the 4Chan guys passed this to Rick Wilson and then it found its way to the U.S. intelligence as shown in the chart below:


So, Trump has been fighting back, obviously. During his press conference today, he attacked both CNN and BuzzFeed. When CNN’s reporter kept interrupting, Trump told him “You are fake news” and later said BuzzFeed is a “pile of failing garbage.” LOL.

Thus the war continues. Later we will examine why the Establishment hates Trump so much.

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